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Meeting Details

Mondays (meeting duration approx. 30 minutes) at:

  • 9:00 AM PST
  • 12:00 Noon EST
  • 16:00 UTC during summer
  • 18:00 CET
  • 11:00 CST

Phone call details:

  • California: 1-650-903-0800, x92 then 9309 then #,
  • Toll-free: +1 800 707 2533, pin 369 - then 9309 then #
  • Skype (free): +1 800 707 2533, pin 369 - then 9309 then # #sumo <== Click the link to use web-based chat

Sumo Development Update

  • 01-31-12 tomorrow
  • 02-07-12 next week
  • Elastic Search is serving 15% of users as of this morning :-D



Please add your comments, questions and updates here.

  • Welcome new forum helpers Eric_R and BlakeMoore!
  • Welcome Rosana Ardila to Mozilla and the SUMO team!
    • Rosana is our Community Program Manager and will work closely with our incredible support community around the world, as well as lead efforts to grow and strengthen our community x100. (No pressure!)
    • Rosana is based in Berlin (born in Colombia) and has a background with Sun Oracle, where she's worked on product marketing and management of the community. She has a Sociology diploma and is truly passionate about people. Her other passion is languages -- if you want to get in touch with her, there's a good chance you can do it in your native language as she speaks Spanish, English, German, French and Italian fluently. She actually just started to speak Portuguese, too; just give it a few weeks...
  • In the last six months, Kadir has been doubling as both the SUMO community manager and the product manager of Kitsune, the underlying web platform of With Rosana Ardila joining our team today, we can finally make Kadir's transition to Support Product Manager official.
    • Kadir will be responsible for defining, prioritizing, driving and coordinating work with WebDev and UX to create a truly amazing support platform experience for both our users and our community on Of course, just like every other person on the SUMO team, Kadir will still stay close to our community. In addition to using site and usage metrics, he will continuously engage in discussions and solicit feedback from our volunteers to prioritize our work on the Kitsune platform. He will also actively communicate about our work on the platform on the blog and in other forums to make our development process much more visible.
    • Congratulations on the new role, Kadir, and for switching back to just one full-time job again! ;)

Firefox Status Update


Knowledge Base

  • The home page content experiment that Michelle led went live Friday evening. If this is successful, we should keep it running and update it for Firefox 10 as issues surface.
  • The KB review sprint last week was a huge success. Thanks to Alice Wyman and Michelle Luna for helping me (Michael) review about 8000 80(?) items. Alice suggested that we do this regularly. Hopefully, this should be a one-time thing for reviews but we probably will need a regular sprint to keep up with the Needs Changes list every six weeks.
  • Follow up about article discussions hidden by default with the new sidebar. In the 10 days since we made this change we've gotten 2 helpful responses and 2 that were misplaced help requests or spam. In the 10 days prior to the change we had 3 helpful responses and 22 misplaced help requests or spam.



  • Decision about BrowserID login in Sync is taking longer than expected. Decision about how to deal with 2 versions of Sync (Fx 10 ESR and Fx 14+) will come later in the process.

Support Forum

Live Chat

Chat Log

11:04 Ibai has joined (
11:05 Matt_G: verdi: I'm on the call too :)
11:05 verdi: Matt_G: cool!
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11:12 djst:
11:14 michelleluna: sumo meeting
11:14 michelleluna: introducing Rosana contributor program manager
11:15 michelleluna: SUMOdev update
11:15 michelleluna: we are 15% of users getting elastic search now, hopefull will get to 50% by end of the week
11:15 michelleluna: karma dashboard needs testing, see above link
11:16 michelleluna: question about the kb article survey
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11:17 Swarnava: michelleluna: how to test karma dashboard? i mean where?
11:18 Matt_G: djst: I'm getting some pretty bad clipping
11:18 nuno has left IRC (Ping timeout)
11:18 nuno_ is now known as nuno
11:18 michelleluna: hi swarnava: we are talking about this in the sumo meeting, the link above is to the project page
11:19 michelleluna: I'm not sure where we can test it yet, will find out
11:19 Swarnava: ok
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11:22 michelleluna: more UX update from the meeting: the treejack testing (survey on the site currently) will go to phase two and this will give us metrics we can use to understand where we are before we do a new exit survey for the site: something like 'did you solve your problem?'
11:22 Swarnava has joined (chatzilla@84DFA212.12DEFB45.ECA3D134.IP)
11:23 michelleluna: bram giving and update on last week's treejack testing
11:23 ejat has joined (fenris@B6655E39.BC3BCC22.278A7920.IP)
11:23 michelleluna: he has a list of tasks that are most successful:
11:23 michelleluna: 1. change home page
11:23 michelleluna: 2. private browsing
11:23 michelleluna: 3. firefox crashes
11:24 michelleluna: 4. erase history
11:24 michelleluna: 5. where to install firefox
11:24 michelleluna: all of the above have 52-55% success rate, from about 85 respondents
11:24 djst: bram: just a reminder to please put your updates in the agenda note prior to (or during) the meeting to reduce the amount of writing work for the one taking notes. :)
11:24 michelleluna: the bottom tasks, are below 30% success
11:25 michelleluna: 1. will ff mobile work on my phone
11:25 michelleluna: 2. find out about sync
11:25 michelleluna: 3. importing/exporting bookmarks
11:25 michelleluna: the above are the lower success rate tasks
11:26 michelleluna: the questions are derived from the taxonomy search data along with several other data sources, top articles, etc.
11:27 michelleluna: there will be an upcoming report that includes all of the findings due Feb. 9th
11:27 bram: djst: oops. noted for next time! sorry
11:27 djst: bram: no worries!
11:29 bram: michelleluna: thanks for taking notes!
11:29 michelleluna: bram: sure!
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11:36 michelleluna: welcome to Eric_R and BlakeMoore to the forum helpers
11:37 michelleluna: thanks also to Matt_G for his input on taxonomy and tuning last week
11:37 michelleluna: announcing that topal: is now formally the kitsune product manager
11:39 michelleluna: ibai: is talking about 3.6 support content in the kb, now that 10 is coming this week
11:39 Matt_G: thanks for the shout out. Always happy to help :)
11:40 michelleluna: currently, the plan is to clean up kb as we go, and to clarify, FF10 doesn't mean the end of 3.6, we will have 3 more months to support it
11:40 michelleluna: Matt_G: you rock
11:42 michelleluna: on sumo 3.6 users are down to ...some percentage that I missed...but after we get to this 12 week mark, we'll take 3.6 out of the show for menu--but it will still work
11:42 verdi: 3.6 = 13%
11:42 michelleluna: cww: with a ff status update, 10 shipping tomorrow, he's working on a message with the summary of issues to send to contributors forum
11:44 michelleluna: discussing now the top viewed articles list
11:45 michelleluna: this new set of numbers is closer to the log data, so we have more confidence in the current list
11:46 verdi: Cww:
11:47 Cww: verdi: so these are the numbers for kb/Private%20Browsing
11:47 Swarnava has left IRC (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.88 [Firefox 10.0/20120123235200])
11:47 verdi: Cww: so we have to add both private browsing numbers?
11:48 Cww: verdi: yeah, this will fade over time.
11:48 Cww: (I think it's set for a week, but maybe two)
11:48 verdi: Cww: any idea why scoobidiver created the redirect? Can I delete that?
11:48 Cww: I have no clue.
11:48 Cww: didn't it used to have this URL?
11:48 Cww: maybe it's linked from somewhere?
11:48 verdi: Cww: we've never changed the url of that article
11:50 Cww: verdi: really? that's surprising then. We've never had a link to /kb/Private%20Browsing
11:50 Cww: ?
11:51 verdi: Cww: I don't understand - what I'm saying is that it's always been /kb/Private%20Browsing
11:51 Cww: oooh, then what is it now?
11:51 Cww: what is the other private browsing like?
11:51 Cww: link
11:51 verdi: Cww: he made a new one called Private Browsing Redirect 1
11:51 Cww: with what url?
11:51 verdi: Cww:
11:52 Cww: what's the old url?
11:52 Cww: those two urls (before the ?) look the same.
11:52 verdi: Cww: let's talk after this - I'm confused
11:52 Cww: verdi: I have 1:1 until 11
11:52 Cww: ping me this afternoon?
11:53 verdi: Cww: yes
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11:56 ChanServ has changed mode: +o taddle
11:56 michelleluna: long discussion about logs vs. webtrends...
11:57 michelleluna: kb update, details in the wiki, new home page content is live, we will look at the data at end of today
11:58 michelleluna: kb review sprint was a great success, thanks to AliceWyman for her help on both the new home page content and the review sprint
12:00 michelleluna: the UI change to hide article editing tools is also live and is helping to limit the number of misplaced help requests, based on the first ten days
12:01 hanthana has left IRC (Connection reset by peer)
12:02 michelleluna: there is an update about services in the wiki