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Meeting Details

Mondays (meeting duration approx. 30 minutes) at:

  • 9:00 AM PST
  • 12:00 Noon EST
  • 16:00 UTC during summer
  • 18:00 CET
  • 11:00 CST

Phone call details:

  • California: 1-650-903-0800, x92 then 9309 then #,
  • Toll-free: +1 800 707 2533, pin 369 - then 9309 then #
  • Skype (free): +1 800 707 2533, pin 369 - then 9309 then # #sumo <== Click the link to use web-based chat

Sumo Development Update

  • 01-02-07 tomorrow
  • 02-14-12 next week
  • Elastic Search for 50% of users since Friday.
    • collecting data to see if we're ready to handle 100%
    • after 100%, new features can be tested and added


  • TreeJack sitemap test is finished and analyzed!
  • I’m integrating this, and all of the recommendation that Susan has written, into a presentation
  • 9 February is a presentation of the new IA. Not sure what time

Next Steps

  • Do the same TreeJack test, but with the new IA
  • Do a Card Sorting test (ie. ask users to organize our KB articles using categories we’ve developed)

Rough timeline to run these tests and analyze the data: next few weeks.


Please add your comments, questions and updates here.

  • With so many forum questions deflected by the new home page all that are left are REALLY HARD questions.
    • that's a good thing
    • it may be a result of it being release week. Let's give it another week before crediting the home page
  • Cotweet and @FirefoxHelps Decision since Feb. 15 CoTweet will no longer be free! #Swarnava
    • we'll close the account before then
    • if you have any questions/comments, post in the forum thread
  • SUMO report. Currently looking at recapping the progress on the info in the previous reports (it's been a lot of progress!). Working hard on Fx10 this week so this will probably have to hold til next week.
  • Status update on Search Hijacking (searches redirecting to another search site without the user's permission). We met with UX last week and we're deciding on the experience we want.
    • want to have something addressing it on nightly channel within the next 6 weeks

Firefox Status Update

  • Automatic updates for everyone were turned on Wednesday evening and turned off again Thursday. Another checkpoint today for full unthrottling.
  • Currently, drivers are tracking one big issue:
    • There's an increase in startup crashes but the signature reproduces best in a non-startup scenario. Crashstats won't give me a link or numbers right now but the thinking is that some combination of extensions is hitting this crash in Firefox 10 and it is likely to be chemspill worthy. If this is the case, we won't unthrottle today.
  • There's also work going on with the following issues:
    • Malware-caused startup crash (bug 718389). We've hit a wall on reproducing, there may need to be another email outreach to all affected users (but we got no takers last time).
    • Crash with the following video drivers: AMD Radeon HD 6xxx (windows). We may need to blocklist the driver but current advice is to just ask users to turn off HWA.
  • I'm working on the following issues:
    • Loss of cursor (definite increase in reports in Fx10 but it's not major enough to warrant many reports on SUMO)
    • Broken enter key in location bar caused by AVG Safe search extension. We have numerous reports on SUMO but QA can't reproduce. We should ask everyone to update to see if that fixes.
  • Still ongoing from beta work:
    • Intermittent hanging on Mac after prolonged usage. Since I can reproduce this on my machine (and I'm one of the "lucky" ones) I'm helping with bisecting a changeset. If you see users with this problem, there are some potential fixes in nightly.
    • Supporting Snappy work by identifying users who have page loading performance problems.


  • SUMO
  • Mobile specific
  • KPI dashboard
    • we should get 'answers within 72 hours' dashboard added tomorrow
    • questions solved skyrocketed after allowing people to mark a thread as solved via email. It may be because it is the first link in the email notification. Kadir to file a bug to correct that.
    • after tomorrow's sumodev push, people not logged in will be able to view the dashboard

Knowledge Base

  • Firefox 11 updates need to get finished up next week (in-progress now).
    • tablets? Current plan is to have one article for getting started with Firefox on tablets, and at the bottom of it links to other relevant articles for android.



Support Forum

Live Chat

  • Are we on the same page that chat is going away?
    • Once we have a more definite answer to what the implications were to putting live chat on hold, we should be able to make a decision and public announcement. Cheng to provide data.

Chat Log

11:01 Matt_G has joined (
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11:05 Cww: Topal: you're really loud, can you turn down your mic?
11:06 Topal: Cww: done.
11:07 djst: verdi: maybe it's device driver related that your camera would be shaking so much?
11:08 djst: just doesn't seem like a mac thing to be this problematic :)
11:08 verdi: djst: I think it's my screencasting software that I'm using to record
11:08 verdi: I've seen it do that before - they're both using my webcam somehow
11:10 Ziggy_Maes: Oh wow right, the phone meeting!
11:11 djst: Cww: hellloo. pinged you on IM :)
11:11 verdi: Ibai: looks smart with his vest and the equations and graphs behind him
11:11 Swarnava: hey Topal, need a query
11:13 Topal: Swarnava: I'm currently in a meeting
11:14 Swarnava: Topal: ok catch you later'
11:14 Ibai: verdi: i hope you are aware that this is totally intended :P
11:16 Cww: djst: added.
11:18 nhirata has joined (
11:18 nhirata is now known as nhirata|pcww
11:22 Matt_G: 100% correct
11:23 Matt_G: they need to make the mental link between the search and the article displayed. We need to get the user's words into the article
11:23 Besnik_b has joined (
11:24 djst: verdi: your video reminds me of this: photo
11:25 verdi: nice
11:25 Swarnava has left IRC (Connection reset by peer)
11:25 djst: that image cracks me up
11:25 djst: it's so random
11:25 djst: why spiderman
11:25 djst: lol
11:26 timc: djst: lol
11:26 djst: had to facemute
11:29 Swarnava has joined (chatzilla@DD4FD2FD.358D9DE9.9882C174.IP)
11:29 Cww: I need to do one-ear because I can't hear myself which is really weird.
11:31 timc: yes, those pesky "russian" search engines :P
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11:40 timc: I know i've clicked the link a few times before i realised that it marked as solved
11:40 Bebe_ has left IRC (Connection reset by peer)
11:40 Bebe has joined (florin.str@601F3B17.33662590.A5830293.IP)
11:40 timc: maybe a confirmation popup when you click the link?
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11:41 Besnik_b: Hello, does anyone know how could be translated the reset password email you get from
11:42 Swarnava: Topal ^
11:43 Swarnava: r1cky do you know?
11:46 r1cky: Besnik_b: Swarnava: if you edit your profile you can select preferred email language (
11:46 Swarnava: r1cky: maybe he is talking about translating!
11:46 r1cky: that is Verbatim like everything else
11:47 Swarnava: Besnik_b: :)
11:47 Swarnava: Besnik_b: :)
11:47 r1cky: yep :-)
11:48 Besnik_b: Are you saying that the content of the mail for a given locale could be translated from Verbatim, right?
11:48 Swarnava: Besnik_b: yeah :)
11:48 Besnik_b: Thank you :) I'll provide it there
11:49 Swarnava: r1cky: btw when i download .po file from verbatim
11:49 Swarnava: it say "Project-Id-Version:\n"
11:50 djst: photo
11:50 djst: photo
11:50 Swarnava: it should "Project-Id-Version: support.mozilla.comorg\n"
11:50 djst: photo
11:50 djst: photo
11:50 djst: photo
11:50 djst: photo
11:50 djst: photo
11:50 djst: photo
11:50 Swarnava: djst: can i expect video? :|
11:50 JasnaPaka has left IRC (Ping timeout)
11:51 Swarnava: r1cky: sorry "Project-Id-Version:\n"