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Meeting Details

Mondays (meeting duration approx. 30 minutes) at:

  • 9:00 AM PST
  • 12:00 Noon EST
  • 16:00 UTC during summer
  • 18:00 CET
  • 11:00 CST

Phone call details:

  • California: 1-650-903-0800, x92 then 9309 then #,
  • Toll-free: +1 800 707 2533, pin 369 - then 9309 then #
  • Skype (free): +1 800 707 2533, pin 369 - then 9309 then # #sumo <== Click the link to use web-based chat

Sumo Development Update

  • last week eleastic search performance wasn't good enough
    • turned it off
    • pushing a (hopeful) fix for it tomorrow
  • 02-14-12 tomorrow
    • fixes for advanced search
  • 02-21-12 next week
  • Kadir will be working on roadmap for 2012
    • will ask for community feedback when there is something


UX is waiting on sign off on phase 1 before they can proceed with phase 2

  • please give feedback in the linked thread


Please add your comments, questions and updates here.

Firefox Status Update

  • 10.0.1 released on Friday. the fixes
  • Lots of new issues, but here's a quick overview: tracking thread for Fx10 issues
    • Performance seems to be rising as an issue.
    • Download manager problems
    • Radio stations/audio problems
    • Startup crashes
    • Too many add-on compat. checks
    • Issues with fonts being smaller


  • SUMO
    • Replies by forum contributors has doubled.
  • Mobile specific
    • Also, for mobile we have seen small increase in the number of questions on SUMO, now that the email had been removed from the android market description.
    • what is happening to messages sent to the Firefox Home support address?
      • Ibai to find out

Knowledge Base


NativeUI missed beta again last week because panning is not good enough. They will implement WebGL to fix it and will have a schedule for the work this week to share.


  • Working on updating the Firefox Sync articles for Firefox 11 on Native Mobile UI!

Support Forum

Live Chat

Chat Log

10:57 smo: howdi SuMo friends!
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10:58 Swarnava has joined (chatzilla@6734F06B.DC43AE48.4764AC40.IP)
10:58 verdi: smo: Hellooooooo!
10:59 michelleluna: hello!
10:59 timc: Hellooooo :P No crazy flickering this week verdi :p
11:00 Swarnava: verdi: can you do a tiny thing? :D
11:00 verdi: Swarnava: what's up?
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11:00 Swarnava: verdi: go to SUMO blog
11:01 Swarnava: change looking for help? section link
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11:01 Swarnava: from to
11:01 verdi: Swarnava: can you email me what you'd like me to change - we're starting the sumo meeting right now
11:01 djst: Cww, verdi, michelleluna, Ibai: we're trying to get set up here
11:01 djst: r1cky:
11:01 Swarnava: verdi: Firefox Help
11:01 Swarnava: Firefox Help for Mobile
11:01 Swarnava: Thunderbird Help
11:01 Swarnava: this three link
11:03 skinny has joined (
11:03 Swarnava: verdi: ok i will pm you later
11:03 skinny: Bram can you give the update?
11:04 skinny: Doesn't look like Bram is signed in.
11:05 skinny: verdi: the update for ux is that we need sign off to proceed with phase 2.
11:05 michelleluna: we're just waiting on microphones to get the meetings tarted
11:05 Matt_G: I'm on mute
11:06 timc: same
11:06 skinny: Matt_G: Did you get the audio or video of Fridays meeting?
11:07 Matt_G: skinny: I looked at it briefly this weekend. I'm hoping to dig through that more today.
11:07 skinny: Matt_G: Cool. I can
11:08 smo: Hi Michael
11:08 skinny: Email the video link and pin if you don't already have it
11:08 michelleluna: sumo dev update
11:08 michelleluna: starting now
11:08 michelleluna: search update, elastic search perf is being improved with a fix pushing tomorrow
11:08 skinny: Wooohooo!
11:08 michelleluna: continue to work on other perf improvements
11:09 michelleluna: also fixed bugs in adv search
11:09 michelleluna: and added some KPI graphs
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11:09 michelleluna: the problem with elastic search, some adv search fixes were made that returned no results
11:09 Matt_G: skinny: Yeah, I tried to get into the video link and it required a password. I see it's been replaced by audio. I'd appreciate a glimpse at the video :)
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11:10 michelleluna: sumo update on dev sprints from kadir,
11:10 skinny: Matt_G: You saw the slides tho?
11:10 michelleluna: kadir talked to people about their input into the content of the sprints
11:10 ejat has joined (fenris@102026C.8522F756.E7AA4C72.IP)
11:11 michelleluna: many of the items on the sprints are defined by the quarterly goals
11:11 Matt_G: skinny: I did, yes :)
11:11 michelleluna: kadir proposes to provide a list of the items fro the next sprint a week in advance, so people can provide input
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11:12 michelleluna: a prelim roadmap for 2012 is going to be worked on by kadir and bram with estimates of work and a timeline for the entire year
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11:12 michelleluna: so everyone knows what is coming up and can provide input
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11:13 michelleluna: so a blog post will come out next week about the upcoming sprint
11:13 Swarnava: michelleluna, Matt_G is the latest skype compatible with Fx 10?
11:13 smo: I am using it on FX 10
11:14 Matt_G: me too
11:14 ejat has joined (fenris@102026C.8522F756.E7AA4C72.IP)
11:14 Swarnava: ok thanks, a user report that its incompatible :O
11:15 michelleluna: ux update: awaiting signoff on phase one stuff to move to phase two
11:15 michelleluna: phase one was the full set of recommendations and results from testing current iformation architecture
11:16 michelleluna: hello Madelina! welcome
11:16 michelleluna: madelina is happy to get started and to meet everyone
11:16 smo: Im rfaising my hjand for a point, Michael
11:17 michelleluna: verdi: ^
11:17 smo: get closer to the mike , PLS
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11:17 verdi: smo: ok - I'll call on you after madalina
11:18 smo: THX michael
11:18 Swarnava: smo: mention the irc nick whom you want to contact so that he will get popup
11:19 Swarnava: smo: use verdi instead of Michael :P
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11:22 michelleluna: smo is describing the main issue with localizations that this content is not getting to the local users who need it
11:23 michelleluna: is the forums, the numbers of non-English speaking users has dropped off dramatically
11:23 michelleluna: the translations should be used by the local populations, but it doesn't get through
11:25 michelleluna: so, when will the forums be opened to non-English speakers?
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11:28 michelleluna: the point is that everyone speaking non-English languages needs forum support too
11:29 michelleluna: ibai has talked to several groups who don't want to use SUMO as a platform, but we all agree that we need to offer that as a feature (it is a technical problem and a human problem)
11:29 verdi: Ibai: do you have echo cancellation on
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11:30 Ibai: right
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11:31 michelleluna: djst wanted to also wait until there was a clear demand for this, now that we have that demand, we need to figure out when we can do this and what is the scope
11:31 smo: thats it for now, thx gzys
11:31 michelleluna: slovenia will be early adopters of this, kadir and bram will work out the details and put it on the roadmap
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11:33 Lucy__ is now known as Lucy
11:33 Lucy: how does community IT factor into the need to onboard community support? ie there are new avenues for helping local communities provide support
11:34 smo: michelleluna can we have the scoobis report pls
11:34 michelleluna: smo: yes, it is on the forum, I'll post a link
11:34 smo: ok thx
11:35 michelleluna: lucy: can you rephrase
11:35 michelleluna: with a bit more detail?
11:35 michelleluna: lucy:^
11:37 Lucy: michelleluna: heh ok, just stumbled on the meeting ;)
11:37 michelleluna: firefox 10.01 went out Friday
11:37 michelleluna: yay! nice to have you lucy!
11:37 Lucy: well there is new community growth, and mozilla is supporting it in new ways
11:37 Lucy: one of the ways is mozilla is paying for hosting for established communities
11:37 Lucy: and even coordinating IT volunteers to help them out
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11:38 Lucy: so it might make a lot of sense not to try and onboard these communities to the same sumo site, but help them on their own turf so to speak
11:38 Lucy: and make better use of linking out to community support sites
11:38 smo: KadirČ whats amazing is the drop in w8, 30 ...
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11:39 Lucy: maybe helping them have their own install of the sUMO software
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11:41 timc: Lucy: Are you asking if Mozilla will assist local SUMO communities with funding for webhosting local versions of Firefox support forums, a copy of Kitsune/SUMO forum software etc.?
11:42 Lucy: timc: i'm saying that mozilla is assisting local communities
11:42 Lucy: i'm suggesting that it should be considered going forward
11:42 michelleluna: metrics updates: lots of new contributors to the forum in recent weeks!
11:42 timc: got it
11:42 Lucy: onboarding local communities made perfect sense when we weren't providing them with resources in other ways
11:42 michelleluna: thanks to all the new folks and all the moderators for mentoring and for helping so many users
11:42 Lucy: well i'm phrasing it like i think we shouldn't onboard at all
11:43 Lucy: just saying it's a different environment now, and maybe it makes sense in some/many? cases, preserve their autonomy and take on less for the SUMO team
11:43 michelleluna: knowledge base information architecture presentation is posted, please provide feedback
11:45 Ibai: fyi, there's no contact details in the itunes store
11:45 Lucy: argh but i have to look away, too much to do before remo meeting
11:45 Ibai: the only thing is a link to SUMO
11:46 michelleluna: lucy: thanks for this info! very cool, would like to hear more about it
11:46 Lucy: michelleluna: sure, you can contact williamq or mrz, of if you email me I can collect links and info for you
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11:47 michelleluna: before we sign off on the info architecture plan, cww has looked at the data and has some concerns about the issues that are specific to a firefox release
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11:52 michelleluna: so, we all need to give feedback now, where as in three weeks it will be more expensive
11:52 michelleluna: updates to sync articles
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11:53 Cww: Big problem with the rapid release model: I really miss having downtime between releases.
11:53 michelleluna: apps market update, looking at alpha soon, but nothing more until March
11:53 verdi: Cww: yes
11:53 michelleluna: cww: you had downtime? no fairs.
11:53 djst: verdi: Spiderman gif
11:54 Swarnava: djst: :D
11:54 smo: djst: its topdownleftright time,
11:55 michelleluna: the launch of the app market will be slow, no massive campaigns
11:55 Cww: too early!
11:56 smo: bze and thx everzbodz
11:57 michelleluna: bye! thanks smo!
11:57 michelleluna: firefox mobile missed beta again last week, a schedule will be forthcoming this week