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Meeting Details

Mondays (meeting duration approx. 30 minutes) at:

  • 9:00 AM PST
  • 12:00 Noon EST
  • 16:00 UTC during summer
  • 18:00 CET
  • 11:00 CST

Phone call details:

  • California: 1-650-903-0800, x92 then 9309 then #,
  • Toll-free: +1 800 707 2533, pin 369 - then 9309 then #
  • Skype (free): +1 800 707 2533, pin 369 - then 9309 then # #sumo <== Click the link to use web-based chat

Sumo Development Update


  • Removal of survey?
    • yes. That survey is done.
  • KB data suggests that the main problems can be solved by re-wording of articles, and adding them to more categories.
    • Next step: re-word articles then run tests on re-worded articles.


Please add your comments, questions and updates here.

  • Any news with LiveChat or still in hiatus as of the moment?
    • yes
  • On Thursday satdav will host the monthly IRC meeting in #sumomeet
    • 3pm Pacific time
  • L10N links from the Firefox help menu? (some people are reporting that localized versions of Firefox are pointing to the en-US home page)
    • That is not intended. The website looks at your browser's language headers. If the home page is localized in Verbatim, the user should be getting the localized home page. If it hasn't been localized, it falls back to en-US.
    • language picker may be moved to the top of the page (as part of a utilities menu)
  • Firefox Clinic event in San Francisco on March 24th.
    • invite people to come into the Mozilla office to help them 1-on-1
    • everyone is welcome to help as well
    • meeting on Thursday 9am Pacific to help plan the event
  • Matt_G: In taxonomy docs, are we including type of article (troubleshooting, how-to, etc.)?
    • Yes, but they are going to be more task-based. Bram thinks it's a nice idea, and will bring it up with Susan.
  • Ibai will blog to tell everyone about a one-day survey being launched on the WMP article, trying to get info about why visitors installed the toolbar that takes them there.

Firefox Status Update

  • There should be a sumo report this week.


Knowledge Base

  • A few overdue Fx 11 updates still need review - Private Browsing, Clear Recent History, How to clear the cache, Keyboard shortcuts.


  • Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this week; team will demo tabletUI and nativeUI on phones
    • hopefully extra mobile questions in forum this week
  • Decision was made last week that first release of nativeUI will not be until Firefox 13


  • Persona introduced last week. It's the official branding for the Identity Project, that includes but it's not exclusively, BrowserID.
  • Apps and Marketplace announcements at the MWC.
  • Tyler starts today!!! Welcome Tyler!

Support Forum

  • Update on support forum: number of solved threads is increasing, a couple of days last week we had more solved than unanswered threads. Awesome work everyone!
  • New forum helpers: Mauricio Araldi, Zachary Nielsen, Frank_MJ, String, JustinFinn
  • This Thursday is SUMO Day! Everyone try to answer 10 questions from the no-replies list throughout the day.
  • Blogger for this event?

Chat Log

11:05 michelleluna: sumo dev update is first
11:05 verdi: satdav: yes
11:05 michelleluna: serving 50% elastic search for two weeks
11:06 michelleluna: cww looked at numbers and they are looking pretty good
11:06 AleksandarS has joined (Aleksandar@8676DE6D.8384669D.90C2761D.IP)
11:06 michelleluna: once we confirm that sata we can think about increasing %
11:06 michelleluna: progress on KPI dashboards, paper cuts
11:07 michelleluna: questions about the infrastructure work needed for elsastic search
11:07 michelleluna: so, far there aren't issues we've seen that require it
11:07 michelleluna: but it is slower, so we are going to do some things to improve that
11:07 michelleluna: which we'll do in the next sprint
11:07 satdav has left IRC (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
11:08 michelleluna: but even though we're slower the click through rates are better
11:08 michelleluna: question about the advanced search
11:09 smo has joined (
11:09 michelleluna: it has moved, but is still available
11:09 michelleluna: hi smo!
11:09 michelleluna: bram is giving an update on card sorting
11:10 michelleluna: the survey is completed now and bram is going through the documents for the 'other' and '?' categories
11:10 michelleluna: the problem with those articles isn't that bad, so we don't plan to do as many tests as we thought we had to do
11:11 michelleluna: because we think all the issues can be solved with simpler rewording/titling
11:11 midhun has joined (Mibbit@F65D89E2.540B3762.425A25DC.IP)
11:12 michelleluna: so bram is going to send around the documents he has created with suggestions for the rewording
11:12 Ibai has joined (
11:12 michelleluna: continued analysis will happen over the coming days to test the new naming and then decide the final naming
11:12 michelleluna: then the taxonomist will incorporate it into the new information architecture
11:14 michelleluna: bram giving some examples of title changes
11:14 michelleluna: ...
11:15 smo: @michelleluna hi!
11:16 smo: how manz participants were involved?
11:17 michelleluna: respsondants were 15 people of rthe card sorting smo
11:17 michelleluna: *for the
11:17 smo: OK thx
11:18 bram: Here’s the link to the internal test:
11:19 smo: good work!
11:19 michelleluna: roundtable sectio of meeting
11:19 michelleluna: livechat is still on hiatus
11:19 michelleluna: no real update other than that
11:20 michelleluna: satdav is having monthly IRC meeting THursday
11:20 Cww: Ibai: I think you're the echo.
11:20 michelleluna: details are on the contributor news and resources page
11:21 Ibai: cww yes we are...but i'm muted
11:21 Cww: Ibai: ok.
11:21 Ibai: tyler is we can't use headsets
11:21 Cww: Ibai: next time, use the phone in rooms.
11:21 Cww: they have much better echo cancellation.
11:22 smo: It ios not true. You get localiyed / like SL version on F1
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11:25 Ibrahima has joined (
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11:26 michelleluna: firfox clinic project
11:26 michelleluna: in one month we'll host a pilot even in san francisco ca mozilla space
11:26 Swarnava: Ibrahima: ping
11:26 smo: The locale selection at the bottom is coporation-wide decision. But then, it is VERY difficult to find-realize one has an option to select
11:26 michelleluna: *event
11:27 michelleluna: the basic idea is to help people in-person 1:1
11:28 michelleluna: so it is March 24th in SF and anyone can get a ticket to attend and get help with Firefox
11:28 chofmann has left IRC (Ping timeout)
11:28 michelleluna: and any contributors in the area are welcome to join us and help out or wear the firefox costume
11:29 michelleluna:
11:30 michelleluna: the long-term plan is to provide a toolkit to do a clinic anywhere
11:31 Matt_G has joined (
11:31 michelleluna: we'll have another planning meeting about the ff clinic later this week
11:32 michelleluna: question about axis or meta-tree for document type realted to taxonomy
11:32 michelleluna: *related
11:33 michelleluna: best practice is categories first, then an axis for the function of the document
11:34 michelleluna: this is also important for faceted search, so the person can filter first on the category (troubleshooting), then on bookmarks, for example
11:35 michelleluna: we have six categories today, and then we have the topics
11:35 michelleluna: or tags
11:35 michelleluna: so, in the new taxonomy, will we use categories in conjunction with topics?
11:35 Swarnava: michelleluna: is this link for those who will attend SA event?
11:35 Swarnava:
11:35 Swarnava: ?
11:36 michelleluna: it is a pilot event we are planning for next month
11:37 Swarnava: okay
11:37 michelleluna: so, UX is planning a menu with different tasks
11:37 michelleluna: so it will be task-based first
11:38 michelleluna: then we'll also have a bucket for 'get help from the knowledge base'
11:38 michelleluna: where they can navigate according to the categories and topics
11:38 michelleluna: so, that tasks are based on the topics
11:39 michelleluna: the suggestion is to also have an axis for the type of document
11:40 michelleluna: this came up in the forum thread, so we can continue this conversation there and organize some place to talk about this in more detail
11:40 michelleluna: cool, thanks Matt_G
11:41 michelleluna: ibai is launching a survey today to get information about why users install babylon toolbar
11:41 michelleluna: ibai will blog about it
11:41 Ibai: survey is happening on wednesday
11:41 michelleluna: firefox status update
11:42 michelleluna: no 10.03 this week (haha)
11:42 Swarnava: :D
11:42 michelleluna: we're working on the sumo 6-weekly monthly report this week
11:43 michelleluna: kb update
11:43 michelleluna: still 4 big articles that need review for FF11
11:43 michelleluna: if reviewers have time to look at them
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11:44 smo: MWC is pretty visible here in Europe / read today about B2G etc in German magazin
11:45 smo: may be we will have more customers:)
11:46 michelleluna: indeed
11:46 smo: maybe he mixed it up with Personas...
11:47 smo: it is hard to make a brand out of it...
11:48 michelleluna: they will also present browserID/Persona at MWC to attract partners
11:48 michelleluna: your identity travels with you across devices across browsers, pretty exciting
11:49 michelleluna: depending on the reaction, we'll see less or more reaction,
11:49 michelleluna: related to that Tyler started on the team today to help with the marketplace apps and users dowloading/purchasing apps
11:49 michelleluna: welcome Tyler!
11:53 smo: See you Thur!
11:54 smo: bye ebody