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Meeting Details (scroll down for the agenda)

Mondays (meeting duration approx. 30 minutes) at:
9:00 PDT
11:00 CDT
12:00 EDT
16:00 UTC
18:00 CET
22:30 IST

Call Details:

  • California: 1-650-903-0800 pin 369 - then 98437 then #

Participate in the video:
Video link => (You'll have to download and install the Vidyo Desktop client)

Watch the meeting live =>

Read the most important updates from this meeting at: (updated every Friday)

Chat: #sumo
Web-based IRC:

14 December 2015 meeting video:

Participants (add your name and profile):

  • Lauren Conrad (laucon)
  • Michal (vesper)
  • Chris Ilias
  • Mark Schmidt (marksc)
  • Ashickur Rahman (ashickurnoor)
  • Ashfaq Hossain

================== AGENDA ==================

Action items from last week

  • No meeting last week


  • changes coming to the meeting structure / timing - more details soon


Contributor(s) of the week

SUMO Development Update

Firefox Desktop

Firefox 43 released tomorrow! Tracking Protection supports third-party (ie. custom) lists! Awesome Bar search suggestion opt-in Known issues:

  • Bug 1224552 - Awesome bar with search suggestions enabled flickers with some search engines
  • Bug 1177895 - Restriction tokens not removed from "Search with" default action
  • Bug 1182783 - Typed text on url bar is lost with unified complete
  • Bug 1181078 - Implement new awesomebar design

On-screen keyboard for Windows 8+ tablet mode Full release notes:
Firefox OS

Firefox Android

Firefox for iOS

  • Focus by Firefox - only for iOS 9+ 64-bit (i.e. not supported: iPhone5C, or iPad 3 or original iPad Mini or older devices))Safari-using Apple devices to block content
  • public roadmap:
  • 2016 explorations i.e. not commited but team is considering: iPad, iPad Pro, Watch, iOS specific features plus what Android is considering

Knowledge Base

  • Welcome, Lauren! Thanks.


  • meeting in Mozlando, more details soon
  • exciting plans for 2016 l10n hackathons together with the global l10n team, stay tuned

Support Forum

  • meeting in Mozlando, more details soon


  • in general: Mozlando summaries coming your way in the next 2 weeks

Decisions & Action Items

  • Michał & Madalina to share all Mozlando-related updates with everyone

Help needed!

Admin availability this week

  • Madalina out all week
  • Kadir out until Thursday
  • Michał out on Thursday and Friday
  • Joni out on Monday
  • Patrick out on Monday