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Meeting Details (scroll down for the agenda)

(meeting duration approx. 30 minutes) starting at:
9:00 PDT
11:00 :00 EDT
17:00 UTC
18:00 CET
21:30 IST

Call Details:

  • California: 1-650-903-0800, x92 then 98437 then #
  • Toll-free: +1 800 707 2533, pin 369 - then 98437 then #
  • Skype (free): +1 800 707 2533, pin 369 - then 98437 then #

Participate in the video:

Read the most important updates from this meeting at: (updated every week)

Live chat: #sumo - web-based IRC:


Participants (add your name and profile):

  • madalina (madasan)
  • philipp
  • Michal (Mikk)
  • Roland

======== AGENDA ========


Roundtable items



MarComms introduction This is not a huge change, more of a tune-up :-) Marketing/Communications - SUMO is a part of that team!

  • SUMO
  • Social
  • PR

Why? Increase efficiency and work better during launches, campaigns, etc. - be the face of Mozilla for those ("normal users") who look for information

  • also - more transparency!

More information to come as we roll with it We will be looking for your feedback and ideas on how to spread the message, as usual
Contributor(s) of the week:

  • Mikk (Michal) and Safwan for keeping Kitsune running together with Giorgios :-)+1 +1

Knowledge Base: (Joni has a meeting conflict)

Reminder: iOS articles ready:


Transvision 4.3 is out! (the best tool to look up official UI translations for all Mozilla software - and not only):

Filters added to the consistency view - New view for unlocalized words -

Transliteration API - thanks to SkySymbol! Full changelog - You're more than welcome to file bug reports, open pull requests and give your feedback:

Congrats to the zh-TW localizers for reaching their monthly milestone! New milestones in your dashboard The 100%*** Club That You Can Join (tm):

  • Czech - cs
  • Dutch - nl
  • Italian - it
  • French - fr
  • German - de
  • Russian - ru
      • this fluctuates depending on launches, etc.

Pontoon update:

  • improved search coming soon! (thanks, Michal!)

Support Forum:

  • Turkish forum in the works (thanks to Emin and Selim!)
  • Version 46.0.1 is coming there are some updates for desktop below

Social support:

  • No updates

General community news:

  • Platform update: we're still "looking around" - more news as we learn more and reach a decision
  • London plans in the works



Firefox Desktop
Version 46.0.1 will include 4 bug patches, one for sync, one for blank pages that we were seeing earlier, some add on signatures were expired and a patch will fix the unexpected addon error see more in the link below couple of forum threads talk about interference with silently installed trend micro password manager (remember passwords option is reset and off after every restart - [roland] could you please link to these threads here? And of course IRC :rolandtanglao me in #sumo or email rtanglao AT or file a bug or whatever works :-) -

Firefox Android

  • 46.0.1 on Android is out as well

Firefox for iOS

  • We're still looking for Firefox for iOS Beta Testers, if you have your own iOS device that can run iOS 8 or higher please email rtanglao AT with your apple store email address and I'll get you added (there used to be a google form but it's gone apparently)
  • hoping to submit FF 4.0 for iOS to Apple on Thursday May 5, hope to release it May 10 (depends on Apple, PR and marketing)
  • Firefox for iOS 5.0 is on schedule for approximately 6 weeks from the release of FF 4.0 for iOS