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  • Meeting Details (scroll down for the agenda)

(meeting duration approx. 30 minutes) starting at:
9:00 PDT
11:00 :00 EDT
17:00 UTC
18:00 CET
21:30 IST

Call Details:

  • California: 1-650-903-0800, x92 then 98437 then #
  • Toll-free: +1 800 707 2533, pin 369 - then 98437 then #
  • Skype (free): +1 800 707 2533, pin 369 - then 98437 then #

Participate in the video:

Read the most important updates from this meeting at: (updated every week)

Live chat: #sumo - web-based IRC:


Participants (add your name and profile):

  • madasan
  • Swarnava
  • Noah
  • Michał

======== AGENDA ========


Roundtable items



Firefox 48 Release Report: - thanks for your contributions! Questions from John99: (

  • Who uses them. What are they used for. What else are they linked to or from? (from 19.08)

Rachel answered this partially (on 10.08!): (

  • A quick recap of what the SUMO Release Report is. It is an opportunity to share the highlights of the SUMO Community after the first 3 weeks of a product release. Participation from everyone is welcome, if there is a section you want to add add it to the doc.

We also share these in the weekly project meetings (on Mondays) and with everyone and anyone via the blog


from Lan:

  • Will the SUMO visual theme stay the same (or similar)? If we start using some default standard design that would be a first choice for the local gardening community site, it'll be a huge step backwards and Mozilla will give an impression of a community that isn't able to maintain a decent help site, let alone develop a decent browser.

Yes, we will not be launching anything that does not look/feel like a Mozilla site

  • How much will the sitemap change? Will users need ages to find the new correct place to ask a question, and I'll spend a whole day to learn how to use the new platform? Are old links going to break?

No, we will try to keep everything as to close to as-is as possible, structure and link-wise. We don't want to migrate to a complicated site. We want to migrate to a stable, clean, easy to navigate site that has useful new features and "just works".
Joni suggested some updates here:

  • Looking at Lithium's website, it seems to mainly focus on forums and social channels. How about KB and L10N? Do they have a good platform for this? Are they going to listen to us and maintain everything we need in a decent time after we start using their platform?

There is a KB solution in Lithium and the site will be available in all major languages, with the option to expand into others, if we have enough community power to keep them active (some currently existing - but inactive - languages may go "into the freezer", but no content will be deleted - rather archived and not displayed on the new site)

  • Years of hard voluntary work by KB editors and localizers going to hell? That simply can't be. Did I, did we sacrifice so much of our free time to have our work deleted now?

No - simply no. SUMO relies on contributions and will keep relying on them for the foreseeable future. Now, the day we have an AI that can localize everything into everything else, we may have to reconsider this, but... that's not happening just yet.

from John99:

  • That makes me wonder what will happen to individual Live KB articles. Is community editing and production of KB articles even going to exist on Lithium?

Yes, obviously. Joni would hate us all if it did not.

  • Will most KB documents be moved and based elsewhere? for instance would we have to fall back on

Yes, we will migrate all of the KB content that is up-to-date and relevant to the new KB within Lithium. We are not planning to move our content anywhere else. There will be backups made of everything before we "flip the switch"

  • Any insight in to the L10n position? Will L10n articles linked from the KB dashboard all be migrated?

All content in active locales will be migrated. Some (inactive) locales, with little or no content in the KB, will be put "into the freezer".

Bottom line:

  • all change is painful and uncertain, always and forever - but we all know that, and some of us remember TikiWiki times
  • some things may (and possibly will) break - and we will fix them and move on
  • it will take time for everyone to get used to some new processes and features (and button placements, and colours, and so on) - but everything takes time, and this is no different

Contributor(s) of the week:

Knowledge Base:
We're here:
3 weeks before next release / 3 weeks after current release

  • Joni finishes working on next release content by end of this week; no work for localizers for the next release yet
  • All existing content is open for editing and localization as usual; please focus on localizing the most recent / popular content

Next week:
2 weeks before next release / 4 weeks after current release

  • Only Joni or other admins can introduce and/or approve potential last minute changes of next release content; only Joni or other admins can set new content to RFL; localizers should focus on this content
  • All other existing content is deprioritized, but can be edited and localized as usual



Social support:

  • Vote for a social panel on SXSW! September 1 is the last day.
  • Email coming for answering questions from the Sprinklr training, we have all your questions answered and if there are more, please do send an email to

Support Forum:

General community news:



  • Firefox 49 Desktop - readling list can now read aloud using the hilarious Windows and Mac voices (hilarious because you can get super fun german and british accents among others)
  • Firefox 49 Android - offline caching of some web pages
  • Firefox 48.0.2 (windows only) with a 2nd attempt to take a stab at the startup crashes caused by websense is in the process of being released -