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CSAT - Customer Satisfaction

Support:CSAT Implementation Strategy

e.g. "Please rate the support experience you had with solving your Firefox problem using"

CSAT should be a scale of 1 (very dissatisfied) to 5 (very satisfied), mapped to the following % values: 0, 25, 50, 75, 100 %.

In order to get some useful data out of the CSAT values, we need to take into account:

  • where the data was gathered (kb/forum/chat),
  • what the problem was (reference to kb article, forum post, or live chat log)
  • who helped the user (applies to forum/chat only).

With that info, we should be able to:

  • Get average overall CSAT score
  • Get average per-component CSAT score (kb/forum/chat)
  • Say "Contributor X has an average CSAT of xx %," which will be useful for the karma/scoring system

The place for the CSAT survey will depend on the component:

Knowledge Base

The question should be asked after a user votes Yes on "Did this article solve a problem you had with Firefox?". It's not helpful to ask about a user's experience solving a problem when the problem isn't solved. If the user votes No on that question, we should instead present options to solve the problem, e.g. showing relevant search results or other ways of getting help.

Support Forum

In the e-mail notification, there should be a way for the user to tell us whether or not the problem is solved. When clicking Yes, the user should be taken to a web page asking the CSAT question. This could be residing in the forum thread, below the answer to the problem.

If the user navigates back to the thread manually, there should be a way to mark the thread as solved, upon which the CSAT question would appear in the same way as above.

Live Chat

After ending the Live Chat session, the CSAT question should appear e.g. on the parent page of the popped up chat window. The big difference with Live Chat is that the CSAT survey would pop up even for users who didn't get their problem solved. We probably need to separate between the chats that had a solution and those that didn't. Maybe by asking an initial question "Did the Live Chat session solve the problem you had with Firefox?".

This instinctually feels like something we should implement last, as we have barely started hacking on Live Chat in the first place, and we still have lots of stuff to do to make Live Chat communicate with the TikiWiki DB.

Action items

Database (0.6.4 release)

  • Update db to support CSAT (including new CSAT tables and updating existing user tables) bug 452829

Knowledge Base (0.6.4 release)

  • Implement AJAXified popup of survey when someone clicks Yes on poll "Did this article solve a problem you had with Firefox?" in the KB bug 452829

Forum (0.7 release)

  • Implement per-thread status of "problem solved," so we can tell which answer in a forum thread is the solution.
  • Implement obvious way for OP to mark a forum thread post as the solution.
  • Implement AJAXified popup of survey when someone marks a forum thread post as the solution to the thread.

bug 452830

Live Chat (Q4)

  • Use joined login system for all of SUMO to make sure a Live Chat helper is using the same user account as the rest of the connected CSAT/karma data.
  • Implement survey when someone closes a Live Chat session. Likely depends on using our customized Live Chat server software, so we can pass the relevant data to the CSAT survey, making the helper and chat log connected to the data.

Reporting (Q4)

  • Create a UI for CSAT reporting (input needed from djst)

User Scoring/Karma (Q4)

  • Enhance the Tiki user scoring system to take into account a user's average CSAT rating.