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This is the central Etherpad for all Mozilla Support SuMo Days Starting August 23, 2017, we will use the same etherpad for information on SUMO, to reduce the need for new etherpads. History will be preserved, however we will continue to change and update one pad. How to use this etherpad: 1. Look for the title of the date for the SUMO day you want to participant and add your name to the participation list 2. Say hello in irc on the day of 3. Answer questions in Social and the Forum for the duration of the day 4. Wait for a thank you email to confirm any swag that may have been saved. 5.[Rachel At the end of the SUMO Day, erase the content and archive the info to the SUMO day Report

General Info on where to find the community: Hi, Olá, Hola! Welcome! Bem-vindo! Bienvenue, Vítejte, Добро пожаловать, よ う こ そ, herzlich willkommen + Hello in your language + Olá! Bem-vindo! (por favor, não traduza a PAD) + Hola Bienvenidos + Dia dhaoibh + G'Day mate! +Annyeonghaseyo! +வனக்கம்

Say hello to your other members and participants: Participate in the video:

   Watch the meeting live via Vidyo =>

Live chat: #sumo - web-based IRC:

SUMO Day for Firefox Focus on Android and iOS September 21, 2017 Firefox for iOS ~ September 21, 2017 - September 25, 2017>

Add your name here for participation!

   Fabio Beneditto

Social FAQs and canned responses

Firefox for iOS Features~ September 21, 2017 - September 25, 2017> - Compatibility with Firefox Accounts / AutoPush Registration (for push notification campaigns) - Fixes for previously implemented campaign events and triggers - Fix for a privacy issue where Leanplum was registering itself with the full device name. - Bidirectional Bookmark Synch finally! - Tracking protection on iOS 11 devices:

Documentation for iOS 9

Firefox Focus for Android 2.0

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  • "Firefox focus offers users the ability to multitask in a session that is private and focused That's Focus: simplicity and privacy by design"