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Speaking at an Event

Many of the events organized in Switzerland have talks.

Proposing your own talk

We usually organize about a talk a month in Zürich. If you have a topic that'd fit our meetups, please suggest it in this discourse thread.


We organize a venue, normally with a beamer, seating for the audience and at least one power outlet. Since that's different from venue to venue, here the most important venues and surrounding infos.

Liip Office Zürich

Limmatstrasse 183 CH-8005 Zurich

  • Beamer with the following plugs: HDMI, Mini Displayport, Displayport, VGA
  • Stereo speakers (3.5m stereo Jack)
  • Power outlet, power strips
  • Head bugel mic & Hand dynamic mic
  • Guest Wifi
  • Seating (10 benches, 3-5 tables, more seats on request)
  • Special speaker desk for the laptop
  • Soccer table
Travel Times
  • 5 minutes by tram from Zürich HB (trams 4, 13 or 17)
  • 20 minutes by foot from Zürich HB

Liip Office Lausanne

Rue Etraz 4 CH-1003 Lausanne

  • Beamer with HDMI plug
  • Stereo speakers (via HDMI)
  • Tables and chairs
  • Sofa and other charis for audience
  • Guest Wifi
  • Power outlets
  • Special speaker desk for the laptop
  • ping-pong table :)
Travel Times
  • 15 minutes by foot from the train station Lausanne


You are free to choose how you want to use the time you are given, all we'd like is an opportunity to mention the Swiss Mozilla community. Normally that would be in the beginning of the talk. We also appreciate a slide with the URL to mozilla.ch and our Twitter handle "@MozillaCH". If the presentation is available somewhere on the internet we post the link to it in the Meetup event comments after the event.


Most of our talks are held in English, due to the audience being a wild mix from different language-regions and even countries. Generally be prepared to speak in English, but it may be possible to talk in other languages too, depending on the audience.


  • Define when you want questions to be asked
  • Prepare examples and links to documentation
  • Link in your presentation, so the online version can be used as reference by attendees
  • Prepare to be there at least 15 minutes early. Even though this document tries to cover everything important it's good if everything works before people start arriving. Someone from us (the Swiss Mozillians) will normally be around earlier, too.


Almost every event with a talk is on Meetup.com. We promote the Meetup event via our Twitter account and individual promotion by Mozillians.

Feel free to do your own independent promotion or ask us if we can help you with your own ideas.

In order to create the Meetup.com event we need a title and at least two sentences that paraphrase your talk in beforehand.

Privacy Implications

When you speak at an event we will promote the event with either your name or a username. We may take pictures that may be published and used by Mozilla, though primarily for our Twitter account (@MozillaCH).

Organizing an event


Here are the steps that we're usually taking to organize an event:

  1. Decide on a location (Zurich/Lausanne/somewhere else)
  2. Ask the people in charge for that space regarding availability (ZH: Agenda and Colin, Lausanne: Geoffroy, or generally through the mailing list)
  3. Once we have a date when some of us Mozillians are able to attend and we can have the spaces, we need to have a topic. This can be anything Mozilla-related.
  4. Add it to the Meetup page with a description/agenda (we can give you the right to do so if you wish to)
  5. Tell Michael Kohler to add a Reps event for it so it shows up on our website
  6. Promote it using our channels (see below) and of course through your own channels to make people aware of this event :)
  7. Come to the meetup (see below)

Even though this seems like a lot of work, this can be split up between different persons very easily. It shouldn't take that much time, since we have really slim processes without a lot of bureaucracy. Michael Kohler is glad to help out here if you have any questions!


We are currently promoting our events through the following channels. Feel free to get in touch with us if you would like to help out with that and we can give you the password.

We usually post on Twitter when we announce it, and then from time to time to remind people. We always ask them to sign up on Meetup, so we can calculate how many might come to the event.

At the event

  • Be on time
  • Give a quick introduction to MozillaCH (this can be really short, mentioning our Twitter account and website)
  • Make sure that everyone is happy and follow up with people to keep them interested