TEDxBandung 2011

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TEDxBandung 2011


The event will start on 2011/10/09 10:00:00 AM till 2011/10/09 04:00:00 PM.


Bandung, Indonesia, APAC


This event is owned by Fauzanalfi


It is estimated that 50-100 people will be at the event.


TEDxBandung 2011 : Counting Forward In accordance to the date of the event, 9th of October, 2010 (091011), we design “Counting Forward” as the theme of our next TEDxBandung event.

As our society become more advanced by day, by hours, and by minutes, do we all spare a moment to see what really matters? Are the progresses we made are meaningful?

"Counting Forward" is a journey in celebrating every achievement that make our world, surroundings, and society, however big or small, a better one.

We will discover the value of progress we made: from how social media brings benefit—as well as threat, the deceiving nature of our minds, seriousness of a comedy, to arts in the eyes of science—and vice versa.

In this event, Mozilla Indonesia want to get more contributors and reach wider category of people who's using Firefox as their primary web browser. We're also giving away Firefox swags to every single attendee of this event. Last August, we attended TEDxJakarta 2011 and we saw that supporting TEDx event in Indonesia is a great way to spread the Open Web spirit.

Bugs Associated

Budget ticket : [1]
Swag ticket : 687296


Event Website : http://www.tedxbandung.org/3rd-event.html

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