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Translation Memories, or TMs are now a given. Translators working with TMs report they work, on average, between 20-30% faster than without TMs - so far Mozilla l10n was spared this expertience (sg).

I will show where these 20-30% can be found when it comes to Mozilla localization. Here's an incomplete list of use cases:

  • pretranslation: you probably had a deja-vu experience of "I translated that several times already..."
  • quality assurance: "folder" and "directory" are not translated consistently across different projects. Translation memory
  • fuzzy search: your present system suggests a translation - but there was a similar sentence some time ago, that would be closer to the present context...
  • support for a large number of file formats: what about a tool that allows you to localize in all kinds of different format (PO, but DTD, properties, html) while keeping all translations in one single reusable file, you can share with other members of your team?
  • maintaining your translations - how long does it take you now to get a minor change in the source file percolate into the staging area?

I am preparing a blog with more (stand by...) and will have the slide show ready for distribution.