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Media Recorder

  • Write document for B2G HW decode diagram / Alfredo
  • Discuss architecture design on #media, studying mp4v2 as muxer / Alfredo
  • bug 879668 - [MediaEncoder] Implement MediaOmxEncoder on B2G / Shelly
    • Class structure, collecting feedback.
    • Reference the implementatoin of mp4 recording from Stagefright.

Web Audio

  • bug 882171 - Optimize the AudioNodeEngine.cpp routines for NEON / JW
    • test performance against loop unrolling, memory alignment, compiler version, instruction reordering
    • fix build error
  • bug 885496 - Optimize KissFFT with NEON instructions / JW
    • creating a patch

Streaming Media

RTSP bug 831645 / Bechen

  • RTSP bug 831645
    • waiting for review
  • bug 877116 - [RTSP] audio playback latency is serious with the following media streams(Video:H.264 Audio:AAC)
    • According to rfc3640, we can divide a RTP packet into several Access-Unit, and calculate the timestamp for each AU.
      • It works now, but since we divide a RTP packet into several small pieces, also increase the ipc loading. And we observe the smallest aac AU is only 9 bytes (silence aac frame), means that a RTP packet will be divided into more than 100 AUs corresponding to 100 ipc, 100 slots. Then we must adjust the slot buffer number in RTSPTrackBuffer bug 877193.
  • The b2g process crash on our ipc call "onMediaDataAvailable", seems we can't do ipc on android thread. Help by / Cervantes.


  • bug 869869 - e10s for UDP socket / SC
    • update patch according to 4th review comment
    • investigating memory leakage in nsUDPSocket, leak at DeadlockDetector (on exist on debug build)
    • performance analysis / Steven
  • helix device performance test
    • Test ekr's video benchmark
    • Try to use perf from jld
      • It has problem when parsing the recorded data, asking jld.
    • memcpy from GraphicBuffer to system memory is slow.
      • Still trying to find out why it is so slow(copy 640x480 bytes takes about 12ms)
  • bug 84144 - gonk version of nr_stun_get_addr() doesn't work / John
    • Got rjesup's r+ for alternative impl of network interface list service
  • add H.264 support to WebRTC / John
    • study A/V codec & RTP part in WebRTC codebase
    • identify key classes
    • study relating RTP RFCs (MPEG-4 - 6416, H.264 - 6184)


Canvas 2D/SkiaGL bug 858237

  • bug 869199 Bad performance of fishie tank/ Peter
    • Implement separate thread for canvas rendering and check bug 857895
  • bug 875168 Integrate SurfaceTexture/ Peter
    • prepare design diagram review
  • bug 758845 add skia configuration for b2g
    • review+

HW Composer

  • bug 884188/bug 885345 HWC can't render small layer due to no gralloc buffer/ Peter
    • review+ and wait for landed


  • Prepare b2g GFX introduction and porting([1])
    • Have presentation at 10:30 am this Friday
  • Check memcpy from graphic buffer
    • Didn't find obvious performance drop between system memcpy and graphic buffer memcpy
  • bug 875901 "Select all" label disappears when editing the call log \ Kanru
    • Only reproducible on device
    • Can't reproduce anymore since today morning (Jul 11, 2013)


Free Agent

B2G GFX arch

  • Reading GFX arch /JerryShih
  • Studying Gfx/Layer architecture /Morris


  • bug 889767 - [MMS] AMR audio attachement is recognized and shown as video file \ SC
    • add attachment of a *.3gp audio file will be recognized as a video blob
    • nsExternalHelper return video/3gpp for *.3gp file, change the file name to *.amr will correctly return audio/amr.
    • *.3gp is a container format, should allow *.3ga for audio file instead.
  • bug 887164 - [MMS-Gallery] BMP and WBMP display support from MMS issue. \ SC
    • discuss with Steve and leo partner, decide to decode WBMP in Message app and save WBMP as PNG.


  • bug 771765 - [Nuwa] update patches per review comments \Cervantes
    • Awaiting review for the IPC-related parts.
    • Study browser-element test cases.


  • Support Zhang Pin and SwiftKey on building libchewing. \ Ting-Yuan
    • Update the example due to lots of changes in Emscripten.


  • bug 847763 - Prevent virtual keyboard iframe from getting focus \ Kanru
    • Test the suggested -moz-user-focus CSS attribute
      • It seems it doesn't work on <input> nor <button> nor <iframe>
      • Related: pointer-events attribute
  • bug 845169 - Target events "properly" at overlapping app frames \ Kanru
    • Study mozpasspointerevents
  • bug 811636 - Parent process does not handle the situation correctly if its child process is failed at launching / Shelly
    • review+, patch landed.

Web Animations

  • Create the Timeline webidl, but doesn't seem to be a good starting point, might try implementing some test cases first.


Meeting Minutes


  • How to make team weekly meeting more effective/ shorten duration of each meeting
    • Attend meeting on time
    • No break rule - after report finished, than, ask question.
    • 5 mins for each person
    • keep big topics discussion in the end of meeting: Peer to peer or smaller group discussion after the meeting.
  • Ranking
  • On going event:
  • Backlog


  • WebAudio software pipeline
  • Cache preload is enable after gcc 4.6.
  • Use Kiss for FFT.


  • Setup code inspection tool.
  • Study TextureHost/ Client data sync mechanism


  • LayerClient/ Host data sync


  • Break nuwa into several issues

Should we use mochitest for media recorder? Steven

  • Figure out why memory copy take so much time on B2G.


  • E10S - memory leakage
  • Put *.3ga in audio folder, instread of *.3gp


  • B2G anonymous memory swap mechanism


  • HW coding module prototype in webrtc.


  • fishIE perf.


  • WebAnimation IDL
  • WIP of video encoding path


  • Keyboard OOP


  • HTTP 200 response/ RTP recieve package sync issue.