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Web Audio

  • bug 878015 - WebAudio ASSERTION: Something went wrong with rounding to block boundaries: 't == aTo' / JW
    • debug the test case
    • trace MediaStreamGraphImpl code
    • submit a patch

Media Recorder

  • MP4 muxer / Alfredo
    • study MP4 container format
    • survey ffmpeg

Streaming Media

RTSP bug 831645 / Bechen

  • RTSP bug 831645
    • waiting for review
  • bug 892395 - Rtsp: calibrate rtp timestamp in the beginning of media streaming.
    • We found that the first few packet's timestamp is negative
      • We should parsing the RTP-Info in RTSP packet instead of the timestamp is RTCP sender report packet.


  • memcpy from GraphicBuffer to system memory / Steven
    • run on a single test case with multiple memcpy - result is good
    • Lock with WRITE permission - still slow
    • try memcpy on camera capture thread - processing
    • try stop composite thread when copy - processing
  • bug 869869 - e10s for UDP socket / SC
    • update patch according to 5th review comment, part 1 got r+.
  • checking latest version of gUM spec / SC
    • studying the difference between current implementation and latest spec
  • inject dummy codec into WebRTC processing pipe / John Lin
    • create dummy VideoEncoder/VideoDecoder implementation and register it as external codec to WebRTC codec DB.
    • pass WebRTC module intergration test.
  • bug 853356 - Permission check for microphone acquisition / Alfredo
    • connect to B2G ContentPermissionPrompt in C instead of JS


Canvas 2D/SkiaGL bug 858237

  • bug 875168 Integrate SurfaceTexture / Peter
    • prepare design diagram review


  • bug 884188 High power consumption of youtube streaming / Peter
    • Debug image layer on b2g18 branch


  • bug 858914 Layer refactoring about textureclient/host / Peter
    • check change scope
  • bug 894262 Merge GrallocPlanarYCbCrImage to GonkIOSurfaceImage / Peter (Implementation)
  • bug 894847 WebGL is horrible slow when hardware composer unavailable/ Morris
    • Analysis: Still try to find root cuase of this problem


Free Agent

  • Study compositor rendering flow/ Morris
  • Study TextureClient/TextureHost data flow /Jerry


  • bug 771765 - [Nuwa] Study browser-element test cases /Cervantes
    • Mochitest appears to be broken on device.
    • Investigate the usage of marionette instead.


  • bug 891009 - [OTA] If the download of an update is stopped due to an instable network it cannot be continued until the device gets restarted / SC
    • The selection state is not reset after severe network error, therefore, passing the same Update object when manually re-download be treat as an inoperable update.
    • patch submitted and waiting for review.
  • Try establishing the FOTA build environment for inari/ikura, which can help QA to test the data migration. / SC
    • ongoing, need some time to figure out the makefile problem in B2G.


  • perf porting / Steven
    • I can run perf on peak and helix - will have an simple introduction

Event Handling

  • bug 845169 - Target events "properly" at overlapping app frames /Kanru
    • Three method to attack this
      • Send touchable region after each composition
      • Use compositor to decide which process to dispatch
      • Synchronously ask remote process for hit detection
    • Currently trying method #1
  • bug 847763 - Prevent virtual keyboard iframe from getting focus /Kanru
    • Investigating why the keyboard couldn't receive the touch events when OOP
    • It turns out we need to fix bug 845169 first for OOP case