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Will Airbag be truly usable for those of us who spin our own trunk builds? I ask because I know that even if you manually copy over the Talkback files from a Tinderbox build, the information generated is basically useless due certain build options not being available at compile time.

Breakpad vs. Feedback Agent

I primarily use FF 3 (default), but also sometimes use FF 2 when I need plug-ins that don't (yet) work in FF 3.

Recently, FF 3 has been crashing often, but I don't see Breakpad popping-up. Instead I see the Microsoft crash reporting pop-up. I don't recall a recent crash in FF2 (I don't use that often anymore), so not quite sure if Feedback Agent is working or not. Back to FF 3, I thought Breakpad was hard-coded to always work if FF crashes. Is it possibly disabled? How can I check its status?!?