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I only see us putting proposals up, when are we going to tear some down? The lesson to be learned from last year to me was, there are good projects that shouldn't be done in a SoC.

The XUL-Eclipse editor is one that struck me, this is supposed to cooperate with the ajax toolkit by IBM, which is still rapidly evolving. If at all, bsmedberg should mentor that, probably, he has all the connections.

Another example is the bittorrent support. So many projects started and failed, I doubt that there is enough value in it, even if there's money in it.

Both projects would need a maintainer after the SoC, should that be in the project plan, too?

--AxelHecht 02:22, 22 April 2006 (PDT)

I want to suggest a project:

As you know, there are many websites which are not write good and contain bed Javascript.

The main problem with Javascript is the "expando" which allow create custom attributes and methods to exist objects. Therefore IE only Javascript code is not mark as mistake and the page is not work as except.

There are two possible solutions:

1. Create Javascript script which build all the non w3c attributes and methods.

2. Create a script which change all the the non supported to the corresponding methods and attributes.

After that, there will no excuse to any website to have bad Javascript.

Also post here:

--nadavvin 10:43 +2, 05 March 2006