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Please use this page for your comments on Developer Days in general. Thanks!

Taking inspiration from Toronto DemoCamp ...

(submitted by Beltzner 12:54, 19 February 2007 (PST))

Toronto's BarCamp community has done a series of "DemoCamps" which run with the following simple rules:

  • You get 5 minutes + 10 for questions
  • No powerpoints allowed. Show us your code, as broken as it may be.

The goal is to share ideas and generate discussion that helps people get more ideas and figure out how to do things. It seems pretty useful. Might be worth making it part of the DevDay culture.

Travel/Visa concerns

There seems to be some concern about lack of notification for travel, visa procurement, etc. I was under the impression that these were supposed to be like barcamps where there will be many Mozilla Developer Day events in various countries at various times, rather than a small number of exclusive events.

If my impression is correct, perhaps that aspect of the DevDays should be pushed more so folks realize that there will be other opportunities to attend DevDays if they can't make the initial two that are currently planned. Maybe also look at scheduling and announcing future events sooner rather than later, also to mitigate the travel issues?


Couldn't we have saved a lot of travel by having this adjacent to the Mozilla Corporation all-hands meeting, just two weeks later? -- Roc

Believe me, it was considered, but the logistics of organizing a developer day on the heels of an all-hands are quite daunting, and people are usually quite exhausted by the end of the all-hands. I think we'll try to align them in Q2, since we'll have more lead time up front and have a better sense of what's involved in operating one of these modern Developer Days. FWIW, there are quite a few people who won't be coming to the west-coast DevDay (going to the East Coast one instead, in some cases), so it's not a _universal_ inconvenience, merely a _widespread_ one. :( -- shaver


Is anyone planning on videotaping these sessions? - WeirdAl