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Discussion page for BigFiles

10/19: Product council minutes:
- How will account provisionning will work ?
- Should the online providers premises be used for the account creation rather than integrating into TB
- Team composed of dbienvenu/bwinton/jb to bring design forward

Drag and drop of cloud attachments between compose windows sounds great. If implemented, please make this default to a copy operation (with a plus sign) and holding a modifier key (shift on windows) changes to move. Perhaps this could end up feeling more like an object/file move operation rather than text.
There would also be instances where it would be appropriate to drag a file link from a (non-compose) message into a compose window.
Let's say I send a large file link to my friend and realize I want to send it to my brother as well. So I would like to go into my sent folder and drag the file link into a new compose window. Or my friend sends me a large file link and I want to send it on to my brother, but don't want to forward the original message.