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Today I made 3 separate attempts to download and use Fennec on my Nokia N810.

The problem each time was as follows: Fennec appears to be disabling my keyboard's ability to toggle between upper and lower case letters. Thus, I cannot access any password protected websites as it's not possible to enter the correct data through Fennec.

The other problem is that the main Fennec drop-down menu will simply not open.

I am also noticing that Fennec has disabled the use of the finger-board/virtual keyboard for data entry.

It appears there is a serious bug in Fennec's interface with both the hard and the virtual keyboards on the Nokia N810.

The only solutions I have tried have been to 1: disable Virtual Memory for a fresh installation. 2. Re-start the Nokia N810 after installation.

Neither made a difference.

And so now, although this looks like a terrific browser, I simply can't make it work on my Nokia.


About Fennec - Links

Under the "About Fennec" section, Fennec version 1 requirements returns a 404. Is this resource now located elsewhere?

--Ryto 18:31, 6 September 2009 (UTC)

Android support

Hi, Are there any plans to support Fennec on the Android platform for smart phones?