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Note: The Firefox page is for planning across Firefox releases. If you need assistance with your Firefox browser please go to If you want to discuss Firefox features, try


Make schedules and prds lightweight and flexible by:

  • design features (functional specs, UI, archictectural docs) on pages that bear no version number
  • schedules/prds become collections of links to the above

Ben 11:08, 7 Nov 2005 (PST)

Also of note is that the rate of commercial take-up of Firefox will be limited whilst there is not a basic MSI installer package available from the main/official site. I spent the best part of a day trying to get a lucid explanation of how to deploy Firefox to about 150 PCs in a Windows domain. Add to that the explanation of installation switches here:

is utterly incorrect reference the uninstall process and it was a most frustrating experience at every turn. There is a link to a third party MSI installer from Frontmotion, but at 14MB, 5MB over the size of the executable installer, I was most concerned at what else was included and also the re-branding undertaken.

I also realize this may not be the proper place for this post, but please re-raise these issues amongst the development team if you are going to edit it out.

Thanks all, Adam.

Other Comments

well i searched in here about info on Mozilla extensions .. to find out quite some time later that this page only seems to be for main moz devel.

anyway why not create a page about Firefox extension devel .. at least one that points to the main sites to consider like .. or a little less, (example of eclipse build

--Ebricca 06:51, 31 Mar 2005 (PST)

It will be on devmo, but in the meantime, there is MozillaZine KB. --Asqueella

How about links on the main page at least to the prominent wikis? As mentioned, and

I want to offer the one useful Firefox browser is missing certain buttons and stuff that I see on alternative browser themes. please help me because none of them will install. I want a browser that is more decorative anyway. Please help as I'm running Firefox 2. Thanks, Doug Rosbury. Click to send Doug's mail.

Page that should be linked

Firefox:Preconfigured_Packaging - This page should be linked from this page somewhere (I'd do it, but it says "leave it up to the team to modify the page")

Regular Crashes

The one thing I find is I can't use Firefox to go to my Yahoo! accounts because it always crashes. Now I would recommend a reporting system, much like IE, and I think this is an area that needs to be looked. Is there something in Yahoo! Mail that causes Firefox to fail?

-> I think it's on your computer because, yes, we're receiving such reports specially from yahoo but the major reason on why they're experiencing it is due to their computer having too much to load at the same time. Yahoo has a lot of details to load that requires a pretty good desktop or a fast internet connection

Adlib17 21:10, 4 May 2011 (PDT)

Out of date

When is this page going to be updated? I came by hoping there would be some info on the new session saver stuff (which isn't linked), but I noticed the Places info is all still under FF2, and there's a lot of unnecessary info tucked around too (FF1.5 release party planning?). I'd start changing things myself, but I feel a little unqualified. --wjjohnst

^ wjjohnst wrote this 2006-05-10, in 2020 it's still woefully out of date mentioning 2016 releases. Someone be bold and kill these old wiki pages! -- Skierpage (talk) 02:03, 5 September 2020 (UTC)


Why not possibility to to load images on a page at once when they are turned off in options? Create in context menu command for example as in IE «Show picture». Firefox is 3 already but this simple function absents!

HyperSonic (a Firefox Aurora 5.0 clone)

You found HyperSonic (a Firefox Aurora 5.0 clone: compatible with Unicode and Michael Hardy has released).

Michael Hardy isn't a Debian developer.

It is located here at In Mozilla's blog about work, you want to write a blog post about HyperSonic.

Your Mozilla Bugzilla account (seotaewong40) wants to be unbanned. In addition to that, the HyperSonic license agreement should have the diacritic under E to be removed (ÉULA becomes EULA).