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SVG   within   <img>

SVG stands 4 Scalable Vector Graphics, but today in FF there is abs. no way to sizing SVG in a standard XHTML document. (e.g. sizing to 100% of a 30% width cell of 100% width table of BODY.) So SVG support is little useless today in ff.

The real power of SVG is in Sizing & Animating (hm, no mng no apng).

Sizing is a clear way.

So, lets define SVG goals !

This is not within the scope of Firefox 2, as this requires a core change. I believe the devs are working, or will work, on getting SVG Full working for Gecko 1.9 (Firefox3) as you can see from the Roadmap Scratchpad and in more detail at the Mozilla SVG Project.

Some suggestions from someone who has played around with FF


I've devoted a ridiculous amount of time to experimenting with Firefox. I've configured it to do a lot of really cool things, ranging from storing zillions of pages of web-content, to minimizing GUI clutter and surfing-related hand movements.

What would really be great would be:

  1. The ability to use multiple search engines simultaneously with as few button clicks and mouse gestures as possible. I have a lot in my search window, and I have them ordered according to frequency of use, but I don't have the ability to search them all simultaneously. There was an extension, but it wasn't very good.
  2. The ability to hide/remove any and all unwanted elements from any toolbar to avoid redundancy.
  3. Incorporation of certain extensions into Firefox; specifically, Adblock, Crash Recovery / Session Saver (see Session Restore), Download Statusbar, IE Tab (quite unlikely), Menu Editor, Linkification, Pagesticky Pearl Crescent Page Saver, Blogging Tools, Remove it Permanently [<----This Extension is revolutionary], Scrapbook, Search Engine Ordering, SwiftTabs, and Too many tabs!; or their functional equivalents. In my opinion, these can be the most useful functions provided by Firefox.
  4. Subsidize extension & FF compatibility so extensions are upgraded in a more timely manner.
  5. Built-in Stealth Mode that activates TOR and privoxy, without having to switch profiles or change configurations and settings.
  6. Syntax highlight for files in ftp (like php, coldfusion, asp...)

The Mailing List

- Download Management, continue downloading any moment any time (when I want). such as SPEED DOWNLOAD or DAP! - I am experiencing some problems (see images):

[1] [2] [3]

Suggestions for Firefox2 from one who teaches web development.

1. I find it incredibly frustatrating not to be able to send whole pages with FF, as do my students. I have been unable to find an extension to do this - tho' if there were one you'd find lots of downloads for it. Will this be solved with FF 2.0 or Firebird? Will I be obliged to change my default email client in order to send pages with Firefox (not nice)?

2. FF 1.5 still doesn't handle properly a roll-over which changes the info in the status bar (using both onMouseOver and onMouseOut.)

3. At least in FF 1.0 (I have't yet tried this with FF 1.5) there are problems with sending XML files /getting pages of XML to open properly. There is a discussion of this at

Regarding point 2, have you looked at your settings for javascript in Firefox options? It mentions status bar text there and I think it's disabled by default.

tabbed browsing

Hi There. I would be very pleased if firefox 2 could really use tabbed browsing. I'm talking about new opening windows like: Download manager, extension windows. All those things could be unifide to be just another tab. Now after starting extensions, pressing check for new extensions i already have 3 windows open instead of 3 tabs. And include at least few basic gestures, like opening new tab, Regards Rafal

Myself, I like them in separate windows. The tabs are for web pages I want to cycle through, not other things happening. --Jim

Resource usage, CLI


I'm a professional web software developer. I use Firefox mainly on Linux platform and there are two main concerns which I (and so many others here) hope will get considered when developing the 2.0 version.

First, Firefox is very slow and it eats up very much RAM and CPU resources. It's irritating to see Firefox working very sluggisly even on a modern PC (3 GHz, 1GB ). I suppose you really need to put more work in xul(?) performance optimizations. Take a look at Opera, Konqueror or Internet Explorer. Isn't the performance difference more than obvious? (I mean the gui and rendering speed on Linux platform).

Secondly, Firefox integrates with Linux desktops quite poorly and it's not remote controllable from command line or by dcop/dbus/something else. I really miss a good command line interface.

IMHO, Firefox in general is clearly the best browser for Linux (that's why I'm using it) but it's sad to see how big flaws even the best browser can have. There's sure a lot of work to be done.

Tab preview

Could Bon Echo have a tab preview like in Opera? It would be nice if another feature would be added: when you close a tab it would be nice if the tab that was viewed last show not the one beside it. Firefox loading faster would be great!

"Close" Buttons for Tabs

I see that Firefox 2.0 Alpha changed the way the "Close" button(s) work for tabs: Now each tab has its own button. This is great for those who like it, but I would prefer a setting in the Options window ("Tabs" section) where I can choose between:

  • One "Close" button for all tabs (old behaviour)
  • Every tab has its own "Close" button

Would this be possible?

I second this. Also, I would like to see an option to have a button on the left of the tab bar to open new blank tabs. I think Netscape has this.

These are both great ideas. At a minimum, we need to be able to see the next tab over when switching tabs. In the current beta:

 If I have many tabs open so you would need to scroll over to see them more than fits on the tab bar, and
 If I'm looking at the furthest tab to the right, I should be able to see the next tab over, so I can just click on it.

I should not have to click on the right arrow to display more tabs, and then click on the next tab. I should be able to just click on the next tab, because as I click tabs to the right, there is a auto scroll to see the next tab in line. --Jim

Reintroduction of a Necessary feature

I don't know where to put this so I hope its ok that I put it here!

  1. why can't you use Alt-Enter to access the properties of a bookmark?
  2. I really like Firefox but I find that it is missing one key feature for me to transition from Mozilla 1.7.12 to Firefox, that is the lack of the same Mozilla "Bookmark This Group of Tabs" feature in Firefox. Now I know that Firefox has a "Bookmark All Tabs..." option but unlike Mozilla it creates a folder just like any other and has an option to "open in tabs" at the bottom of the folder. I can see why they did this and it would be nice to be able to enter a bookmark group to access only one tab... Yet it is something that is really rarely needed and could be done by hovering over the tab group for a short while. Now this might seam like a minor gripe considering all the other positives Firefox has over Mozilla, Yet I am truly addicted to the bookmark group in Mozilla and there are a few main reasons behind this:
    • it looks different than the other folders and is easy to distinguish
    • one simple click on the bookmark group to open it
    • The "Bookmark This Group of Tabs" defaults to show you the file tree (for lack of a better term) giving you a quicker way to save the bookmark group.
    Now I have been unable to find any extention that would allow me to use the same Mozilla bookmark group functions inside of Firefox. Is it possable that this could be included? Pretty please!

I REALLY would LOVE a solution to this Please help.... Thanks! -- UKPhoenix79 19:45, 24 July 2006 (PDT)

This is already in effect within Firefox. You have only to arrange your tabs as you like and select "Bookmark All Tabs Ctrl+Shift+D" from the "Bookmarks" menu item. Beyond that, you are all set and you need only return to the "Bookmarks" menu, right click the folder of tabs that you would have created from the earlier step and click the "Open in Tabs" option. -- Savabore 22:43, 9 August 2006
No I think you didn't read my entire proposal. I stated that I know that it DOES have a "Bookmark All Tabs..." option but that was not what I was referring to. Please re-read the comment above and I think that you'll know what I mean :) -- UKPhoenix79 23:23, 20 September 2006 (PDT)

Cross-application compatibility with Microformats

What are microformats, at microformats homepage. Examples of microformats: hCard (semantic xhtml representation of vCard data - see hCard on wiki) and hCalendar (xhtml semantic representation of iCalendar format - see hCalendar on wiki). Why should Firefox and Thunderbird support calendar and addressbook/visit card formats? Because it is possible to embed event/calendaring and contact/visit card data in xhtml webpages and send them by email. Therefore, they should be recognized by the web browser and email program as well, just like the RSS microformat is. Greetz --Njpl 08:10, 1 October 2006 (PDT)

Right click "save destination" sometimes wrong

This occurs since Firefox 1.5, at for example, if I right click on a pdf link it will save the html page connected with the pdf. Firefox 1.x or IE will save the connected pdf file, as expected.


I want to create a dictionary with: pt-PT, pt-BR, en-US, en-UK and some keywords to use on Wikipedia, all on one, how can I made this? I'm a advanced programer on Java and C++. thank you! Please contact on: Lipe FML 17:52, 21 October 2006 (PDT)