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Is it possible for the Firefox team to mark the items in the Firefox 3.0 talk page of it is good enough to implement later, and noticed somewhere, or 'a bad suggestion' and then never implemented? ( and

Otherwise on this page there will come duplicates. Thanks


Hi too, Just when are we going to see a multi threaded FireFox and Thunderbird? I hope someone is working on this now? It would just make browsing so much nicer!!

Cheers, MacGregg


I'm new to the mozilla wiki, and wasn't sure where to put this, but I hope someone sees it and lets me know where I should move it to...

I just have a suggestion for FF3.5. On Chrome, when you go to close several tabs together, it doesn't resize the tabs which are still open on the tabbar until you're done, which allows you to close 3 or 4 unneeded tabs without having to move your mouse. I expescted to see this change in 3.5, but was disappointed. I love all the other work so far, and it's much much smoother than I expected - Kudos to the developers for that.

Dabukalam 21:11, 17 May 2009 (UTC)