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I would like to nominate Context Search 0.4.1 for inclusion in Firefox 3. -

"Context Search transforms the "Web Search for..." context item into a menu containing your Mycroft search plugins. This is very convenient, since it allows you to decide which search engine you use. Firefox's default is to use the currently selected search plugin only."


I would like to propose HTML Validator to be included in Firefox 3. A clear indication whether or not a website conforms to W3C standards would propagate those standards and thus put a little bit of pressure on web developers. - Heribert

Real full screen

I suggest Daniel Glazman's recently released Fullerscreen, a Firefox extension that does real full screen hiding the toolbars and the status bar. Hover near the top and bottom edges and the toolbars are restored reducing the content area. Besides providing maximum viewing area it enables S5 as a stronger option for presentations.


IE7: Fullscreen hides the navigation and tab toolbars but keeps the status bar. Toolbars are accessible hovering near the top edge. Toolbars are shown over the content area which avoids Fullerscreen flickering effect.

Opera 9: Hides all toolbars. No hovering. Must press F11 again or Esc to restore normal view.

--Pcabellor 13:47, 28 February 2007 (PST)