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Would be good to have sections for impact on extensions, localization, and update.

added --Beltzner

from irc chat this morning

11:40 <@shaver> beltzner: what you have is a _great_ tool for helping us get a
                clearer picture of what a feature "is"
11:41 <@shaver> beltzner: but I think that you do that tool a disservice by
                trying to use it to pound down the nail of "work status and
11:42 *** beltzner ponders again
11:42 <@shaver> and, honestly, I think it would be great if we didn't have a 
                "who" clearly visible in the top of the feature description
11:43 <@beltzner> I'm with you most of the way ... the thing that I still think 
                  has value, at least until we get cracking on impl, is the 
                  listing of target and owner and such
11:43 <@shaver> because I'd rather let that play out of the basis of merit
11:43 <@beltzner> which could get replaced by a bug as soon as one exists
11:43 <@shaver> well
11:43 <@shaver> I think that "scope out feature X" is a bug
11:43 <@shaver> it's FIXED when the LI template is full to whatever level of
                quality and completeness is required
11:44 <@mconnor> hmm, so create LI stubs, file bugs with those URLs, and file a 
                 bug blocking the parent bug to scope work?
11:44 <@shaver> were I you (and I'm not, but I'm given to taht sort of 
                projection at the moment) I would focus completely on the
                artifact itself
11:45 <@shaver> and not bite off the whole how-do-we-get-to-that or
                what-happens-after-we-agree-on-a-feature battle yet
11:45 <@shaver> mix that metaphor goooOOOoo!
11:45 <@shaver> I think you will have more success getting good feedback and 
                buy-in on the artifact
11:47 <@beltzner> er, what's the artifact?
11:47 <@beltzner> the template or the bug?
11:47 <@shaver> the filled-in template
11:48 <@shaver> "what is Browser Notification Service?" "it's the thing at