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I don't really like the category title "Recommended add-ons".

Exactly who recommended these and for what?

The implication is that it is recommended that everyone install these. If that is the case they should just be included in the product.

If that is not the case, then recommended is NOT the correct word here.

Also, if an add-on is NOT recommended then is that supposed to mean that I should not install it?

Perhaps "Suggested add-ons" or "Popular add-ons" would be better choices for the title.

I, too, do not agree with having recommended add-ons in the new AOM UI. IMHO, if the add-on is so good that it is recommended, why isn't it's functionality already included in the browser? Also IMHO, having this whole portion of the add-on manager seems like so much code bloat. Wasn't Firefox started as a simple, unbloated web browser-only alternative to the Mozilla Suite? Wouldn't it be smarter to devote the programing resources to the "guts" of the browser instead of this "bloat?" There certainly should not be anything added to the add-on manager UI that will slow it's opening when we do open it.

It looks to me like a very good way to slow the addon process even more especially if your on Dial-up. AMO is slow at the best of times if you live in Oceania. It's all a bit busy and overblown. The Kiss principle is one we were told to use for UI. This looks anything but "Simple"


The refresh of the design looks good, a few comments:

  1. It is pretty much for a newbie.
  2. Mixing the add-ons manager with web content (pages with links to xpis) will confuse (some) people.
  3. Not everyone hosts his/her add-ons on AMO. So implementing an AMO-only search would discriminate xpis on other pages (because the page is bundled with the app).
  4. With many plugins and extensions installed, the user has to scroll a huge list to get to the categories.
  5. Recommended add-ons: At the moment 1/3 up to 1/2 of the extensions aren't something what people are looking for.

Archaeopteryx 16:03, 28 August 2007 (PDT)

Search results do not match AMO main search result

Issue in search for example: "Nuke Anything Enhanced"
A search finds the addon but search on "Add-ons Manager UI" screen does not.
Can anyone explain that?

User:SkipR 03:19, 27 Jan 2012 (UTC)