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What about implementing bittorrent as a download mechanism? See bug 236755

limiting simultaneous downloads

With reference to the limit on simultaneous downloads (and cross-referencing to some discussion I saw about preferences) there could be a simple option which sets these limits with a simple slider bar on which the browser optimises these settings based on the maximum download bandwidth they want to use.

downloading of huge files

Support downloading of files larger than 2 GiB. See bug 184452.

Most Linux distributions offer a dvd images for installation. It would be nice to load these without any extra fuzz.

Option to disable notification of downloads complete

This can be become an annoyance, especially when small files are opened directly - the "downloads complete" message can switch you back from the program your download spawned in back to firefox.

There is already a hidden pref to do this. Go to about:config and change the pref "" from true to false.

Implementation of wget function

There is a usefull program wget which i use often, but if you make the same functions in Firefox 3.0 I will use Firefox instead. Command line interface for me is still better and simpler than "friendly interface".

Limits for download speed

The suggestion for download and upload managers is simple as follows: allow me to set download and upload speed. I always want to do this, because maximum speed download interferes with internet browsing.


Sort by name, date, size, and et. I would like to have the same details view as in Explorer.

Doesn't work at all.

I've been using Firefox since 1.0, and have gotten every new version of it.

But not one of these updates has caused the download manager to work properly. If I pause a download, it doesn't come back if I click resume. If I get disconnected in the middle of a download, it won't resume no matter what I do. I ended up resorting to getright, which did work properly when pausing and resuming those same downloads (so yes, those servers DID support it).

I checked the plugins and extensions, but I haven't found anything that states that it improves the download manager. Am I missing anything?

Download Accelerator / Other media support

Metalink support bug 331979 would be interesting. It lists mirrors, checksums, and other metadata for download managers (GetRight, Speed Download, aria2, wxDownload Fast, FlashGot). The mirror lists can be used to download different segments from different servers, making the download faster and more distributed. Since it is just an XML file, DownThemAll support could probably be added quickly.