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-Hope This Helps, Looked like a major piece of the puzzle was missing to me. I'm not a dev & have minimal coding skills. I'm a sysadmin for a govt agency who has used Mozilla apps for over 3 years in a heterogenous (Windows & Linux), Enterprise environment. We have struggled with numerous printing related bugs, and I've researched some possible solutions over the years. Having a stable and versatile Printing UI is critical to the future success of Mozilla Apps in the Enterprise. Please make any improvements to the Printer UI you see fit.

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Delete paga

PLS delete this page, can't do it myself

margins and footers (and headers?)

Exceedingly annoyed that I can change/increase the bottom margin to help in dealing with a print issue with my feeder but can NOT shift/change/increase the footer 'margin' or start space.

To clarify, when I decrease the top margin, the header text if any prints higher on the page, appears to track the movement of the margin "line". When I increase the bottom margin, the footer text if any prints exactly where it was before and does NOT appear to "follow" the margin adjustment.

Either fix the footer so it follows the margin (should be a default for both header and footer text) AND/OR make the header and footer text/space position adjustable as well.