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Hi! Welcome to the Project/2010 Goals/Process discuss page! Click the plus sign (+) above to ask questions or add in your ideas below. Please read through the existing comments before adding your own.

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Brazil Process Idea

I am thinking in running this model to achieve discussions but also to engage folks The tricky part is how to engage the right person, or how to put them in the right mood to be active in the discussion. I also looking for feedback from the other coordinators that created previous discussions, so please help.

1.0 step - Engage Broad 
  Lauch a survey that is electronic format -- I was thinking in Google Survey and launch the survey against the broad community in BR. This initial survey would gather the interest and also may also have one initial question, maybe also gather additional points on which level the person is, and interest areas. 
  1.1 Survey Question -- the Big Question in there -- and there is a field to tackle the question. Now all the points but to think in something that you think is important and helps the big question. 
  1.2 Other Survey questions ( Areas of interest, and opinion on the PRevious Set Goals -- how important you think it is, and would you be willing to engag in the futther discussion ) 
2.0 step - Active Distributed Discussions
  Based on the survey, which would generate enough materials for a triage process, each person may be contacted to participate in the discussion, but all of them also contacted to learn on how to jump / reach other discussions. 
* Individuals Contacted Via e-mail 
* With link to the scheduled sessions ( IRC, live meetings, call in ) Individual discussions may be supported by contributors from BR in each location 

22:15, 11 November 2008 (UTC)

Brasil Process

I'm very interested in the survey idea. Deb suggested that in general. I haven't done it yet but would love to see what happens if you try it. We're in the experimental phase of looking for tools and techniques that work for a large discussion like this. I wonder if people will respond, but of course trying a survey lets us find out. And the number of participants will help determine what the follow-up looks like.

Feel free to ping me if you want to talk about the questions you have in mind. I'll check here periodically, but perhaps not on the right timeframes for you

Mitchell Baker 15:15, 18 November 2008 (UTC)