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Proposed "triage week" event

«tonymec or InvisibleSmiley would know about the process.»

  • Sorry I wasn't there; Chatzilla has been acting up here (displaying chrome but no content bug 605001) but that's not the whole story: I could have used Konversation. For some reason I slept through the meeting even though it was daytime by my time zone. Sorry but no excuses, I'm guilty. On the 16th I'll set up my (fixed) phone as an alarm clock, it makes a lot of noise.
  • Don't forget Serge and Misak, they've probably been doing more triageing than me, and possibly of better quality (I'm bad at searching for dupes, except maybe when I happen to notice a report which is a dupe of something I've already voted for).
Tonymec 03:43, 5 November 2010 (PDT)