Talk:Summit2008/Sessions/Proposals/History & Future: Imagining the Web Browser of 2015

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notes from the session

Q: What about Social?

  • ties in with Weave in a lot of ways
  • opensocial and other ways of encapsulating the social web

Q: Wouldn't automatically scraping for data end up with a lot of spam and events that you wouldn't want?

  • need to control for that
  • there are ways of judging interest
  • many sites are marking up

Q: Would data aggregation cause problems with multiple users per machine

  • maybe, possibly, need to think about that case more

Idea: building space for add-ons specifically to extend/add buttons

  • want to do this without limiting the ability of add-ons to innovate/create
  • allow for multiple toolbars / switching between toolbars
  • Ubiquity is also looking at this by trying to allow add-ons to implement Verbs

Q: A lot of assumptions in this presentation which should be called out

  • should we be keeping bookmarks?
  • more marketshare is our goal?

Q: Have you thought a lot about the cognitive state of the browser user? I find that it's messy, and doesn't map well to application specific sites.

  • New York Times reader is cleaner, feels more like I'm browsing news
  • perhaps we should allow websites to control the UI a lot more

Idea: A lot of this depends on new protocols, which implies that we should be designing standard protocols