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  • are OSI required licenses required? : Yes
  • how can we reach people that don't think of hosting it somewhere else? (why do they need CVS, Bugzilla, etc)
  • Mozdev's requirement for OSI-approved licenses prevent companies from using our tools
  • Mozdev-provided turnkey offering for commercial offerings

What tools/features can Mozdev provide

Extension wizard

Extension publisher

Translation tools

  • discussion w/ Babelzilla? need help with translations of AMO metadata as well as extension data. : Currently AMO strings are put into the extension to be translated by Babelzilla. Babelzilla uses phpBB for translating and translators need to be approved (barrier of entry to Babelzilla). Babelzilla translations are typically quite good and community is enthusiastic by the process is difficult.
  • narro is a new project that does translations in a web app
  • AMO can populate its specific metadata by pulling it out of the project

How can we work more closely with Mozilla

How can we make it easier to publish extensions on AMO

  • shared karam system (get points on AMO for a Mozdev project or extra karma for positive forum posts)
  • Help new developers get up to speed on the entire process (creating, publishing, etc)
  • code snippets being documented and provided (MXR could help here as well)
  • providing different channels for updates could provide better testing of small updates or testing (like a "mozdev/beta" repository that could be switched to)

Mozilla Labs integration/support

  • hg incubator initiative; how can mozdev help with the initiative

Extension & Application Building problems

  • testing? VM's to do automated testing (memory usage, static analysis, binary checking), create a unit testing framework, etc; mochitest; noticing that addons need special looking at (privacy concerns w.r.t. gps, addressbooks, webcam, etc)

extension development in the room

  • tab extensions (duplicating tabs, actions/clicking on tabs)
  • attachment extractor

commercial interest

  • no ROI, so offered for free
  • mozilla is interested in allowing people to charge for downloads (shareware, for-pay, crippleware, etc); possibly allow paypal button as an integration method
  • people charging for extensions makes it difficult for mozilla to tell what is very popular features that should be core features