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Compatible Addons

What does it mean when it says, at the bottom of the page that all addons compatible with TB 58 beta will be compatible with TB59? My addon works with TB 58 beta and I have not changed the options.xul as per any of the coices given on the page.

Samples of needed change for Options

Could you give a date for the production of the samples that you mention?

Clarification of the TB 58 to TB 59/60 transition

As it turns out, add-ons compatible with TB 58 need more changes to be compatible with TB 59/60.

If your options.xul already works, as for some other add-ons I have seen, then no changes are required.

I haven't had time yet to prepare a sample hybrid add-on with an embedded WebExtension.

Further question of compatibility

Could you clarify what type of file is required for an optionsURL. I found both options.xul and options.html mentioned on However when I tried the options.xul I got the error: XUL box for setting element contained an inline #text child, forcing all its children to be wrapped in a block. Also Thunderbird froze and needed closing with TaskManager.:(

Further correction:

The really big change between 58 and 59 was that setCharPref and getCharPref became setStringPref and getStringPref

With these changes I have a options.xul that works in both 52.4. and 59. I hope that it will work with 60.

Basic Example

You removed my basic example saying that it was incorrect! It was not incorrect - it works. It may be poorly formatted but you are taking too long to give the basic example that is needed... Reformat it if you like..

SeaMonkey too?

Just to be clear, do all of the changes here apply to SeaMonkey as well as Thunderbird? If not, would it be possible to indicate which apply to which?