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This needs real editing!

Is this Page still in use? Because a lot of Requests are already implemented in Thunderbird by now and should be deleted or marked as solved.

and it seems like this is more recent: Thunderbird:Thunderbird_3_Possible_Enhancements

Printing UI - Printing and Page Setup

Some things I'd like to see in Thunderbird (after trying to get my mother to move over from OE):

- Improve inline forwarding of e-mails: either allow a "quoted" style (as Evolution does), (bug 104604) or reduce the quantity of message header cruft placed in the message text (e.g. bug 244432).

<Wildman wrote:> Many of us agree as a carry over from MozMail, this one applies too... Bugzilla# 181527 Printing always prints full header

- Improve printing of e-mails. Again, reduce the message header cruft that is included with printouts. Mom prints a lot of e-mails for Dad (who won't touch the computer himself), and gets frustrated by a 10-line message printing out on 2 pages because the printout includes cruft such as every server that received the message as it transited the net.

- Improve layout for printing addressbook. A 4 page address book imported from OE prints out as 17 pages in TB.

Overall, great work guys, but it still needs some work for the techno-challenged like my mom (who are arguably the ones in most need of a solid, secure e-mail app).

<Wildman wrote:> Started this topic Firefox:Printing_and_Page_Setup under Firefox: System Components... I'm new to wikis, hope I put it in the right place for T-bird concerns too? Shouldn't a summary of this Printing discussion be merged into the main article topic Thunderbird:Collected User Requests?

Plain text messages - word wrap guide

I hardly ever send html mail, I use plain text.

I have a problem when creating the message - I sometimes write lines longer than the wrap limit - which results in horrible formatting when a message gets sent.

Would it be possible to have a visual indicator for the wrap limit when editing messages? (Netscape Communicator v4 used to do this).

  • Rather than a visual indicator of the wrap limit, I'd like to see a visual indicator of where I've actually typed Enter (bug 232750). If these little thingies kept popping up in the display, people would learn to not type Enter in the middle of a paragraph, and these sorts of formatting problems would be solved. --mcow 12:34, 12 Mar 2005 (PST)

Filtering on IMAP using Message Body


I like this wiki. It's my first time contributing. I have a feature request to contribute:

Filtering is pretty important to me, but not quite as important as using IMAP. Unfortunately, filters are useless to me unless I can filter based on the contents of the message body. Why does this work with local files but not with IMAP?

On a totally unrelated note, I'd also like to have the option to omit those three dashes that precede signatures.

- Shaylor

Seconded. Advanced filtering would also be great if you could use search terms such the regexp() function in MATLAB.


Possibility to delete emails from a POP server (not only when you move them from Inbox)

I have a feature request to propose:

- An email account using POP to retrieve emails
- A lot of folders related to the account
- A lot of filters to sort the emails in the different folders
- I want to be able to retrieve my emails again on other computers. To do that, I use the option:
Tools -> Account Settings -> Server Settings (of my account) -> Leave messages on server -> Until I delete or move them from Inbox

Problem: When the filters move the messages in the folders, these are no more in the "Inbox" ... and they are deleted from the server (but I don't want to). It is interesting when it is related to spam, but not when it is related to important messages. It could be interesting if only the messages deleted by the user are deleted from the server (and not if they are moved from the "Inbox").

Proposition: To add the option "Until I delete them (whatever the folder in which they are stored)" in
Tools -> Account Settings -> Server Settings (of my account) -> Leave messages on server
If so, we will have 3 options and it'll look like this:

Leave messages on server:
- For at most X days
- Until I delete or move them from Inbox
- Until I delete them (whatever the folder in which they are stored)

That's it! This wiki is a great idea! Thanks a lot for all this work and I hope Thunderbird will have a long life :-)


Protect or Lock emails

Feature request for a feature to "protect" emails from being deleted. Some quick way to lock the domain so that an extra step (unlocking or unprotect) would be necessary to delete it. This would give you the option to come back to revisit important emails without fear of accidental loss.

Recommended processes:

A. Select email and then click MESSAGE > MARK > "As Protected"

B. Right click message > MARK > "As Protected"

Reverse: "As Unprotected" Alternate: "As Locked"/"As Unlocked"


Thunderbird needs new options and GUI. IMO it needs changes in following places: 1)Tabs browsing- it's a very good idea but opening a new messages in tabs when the preview pane is still available it's not a good solution. In my opinion folder pane should be integrated with the tabs. 2)Thunderbird start page- it should include important information i.e. number of unread e-mails. It should also include some space for extensions like lightning. 3)Integrate tb and lightning 4)Tags- add the feature to address book to make tagging contacts possible. Also some interactive field for adding/editing tags could be useful. Now when I want to add a tag I have to go through context menu. But it would be better to have a possibility to type the tags (and pick them from already added)

Multiple address books for one contact

I would really like to be able to have one contact be seen in multiple address books. Or perhaps the ability to copy and past contacts between address books. I apologize if this can be done or if there is an add-on for this already but I have taken a lot of time to look and couldn’t find anything. I hope this is the right place to put this comment. Thanks for the GREAT work! Cheers

Map an account to a contact

It would be very convenient if i could map an existing account to one of my contacts. So that i always send emails to a specific contact using a specific account.

I have 10 accounts and it gets annoying to always remember to set the "from" field.

Viewing and Saving Pictures

It would be really nice to have a simple way to view and save attached pictures. With digital cameras it's getting easier for people to send pictures, but often these pictures are very large and not easy to view in Thunderbird.

It would be great if Thunderbird had a built in viewer that would present the picture to a viewable size and let a person save the photo to a standard picture directory, such as: my pictures.

Rather than having to click each picture, clicking any picture icon would open the viewer with a navigation component that would let a person navigate to all the attached pictures.

The saving would detach all the picture from the email and replace it with a link to the picture in the directory. This would let a person save the email but not the large picture attachment.

The save picture function could also recommend a sub-directory name that's based on the email subject or sender email address. This would let a person find the pictures within their picture view software, like Picasa.

commenting Viewing and Saving Pictures

I would really prefer that TB feature development does not encourage sending large photos in emails. The email protocol was originally not meant to be sending binary data and is hopelessly ineffective. Just compare email size with image file size and you see what I mean.

Would be better to provide close integration with the many image share community sites that abound, like for instance Flickr, Picasa or plain FTP to our own webhosting. May be a message size limit could be set. Above the limit all images are uploaded to a website and included as links in our email and therefore drastically reducing email size, up and download speeds etc.