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As the Product Manager for an application that adds Infuzer powered events and itineraries directly into electronic calendars without the need to cut and paste or type anything(currently Outlook, Lotus Notes and Palm Desktop), I am charged with keeping up with the pulse of consumer demand for supporting new platforms. If I make a case for it, I can pressure our developers to start the process of supporting this project. Let me know if this type of convenience feature is important to all of you. Additionally, sports schedules, public holidays and weather are also "events" that can be added in a single click.


Plaxo is working on a plug in for Thunderbird.

Read more here

Thunderbird Features Wishlist

As a fairly active Thunderbird user (even migrated to 1.5rc1 ahead of schedule just for spell-checking coolness) I've got a few wishlist items I'd like to see:

  • News & Blogs could use the new (1.5rc1) Firefox Error pages: particularly the Page Timeout page. Its currently something of a pain to try to refresh a page that timed out and it would be nice to have the "Try Again" button.
  • What's the possibility of allowing (within a sand box) JavaScript and Cookies just for Blogs? It would be nice to view some of my RSS feeds while logged in (maybe even with automagic login...) to the respected web page, and run simple "AJAX-ified" controls. Although, I'd still want major links to pop up in Firefox itself.

--WorldMaker 14:53, 8 Nov 2005 (PST)


As a trusty thunderbird-user since its birth I miss one thing:

What about an import/export possibility for messages/accounts?

I think that's a must-have.

Sorry for my bad english ;-)

- Messages in Thunderboard are standard ASCII so they don't need to be exported. You can even read them in notepad. If you are moving to some other program, they may need to be imported. As for importing/exporting accounts... this is available, depending on what you mean. --Calan 21:04, 5 Jan 2006 (PST)


As an intensive user of Thunderbird with a total of more than 5GByte spread over more than 300 mail folders (hierarchically organized) and most of them with corresponding filters I would appreciate very much to have the following features in future thunderbird versions:

  • When sending a reply to a message, the copy of the sent message should not be stored in the sent folder (or any other statically defined folder), but in the same folder as the original message that belongs to the reply.
  • When moving a message manually to a mailfolder I would like to have an item "create new mailfolder" in the context menu.

Best regards, OK (Nov 9th, 6PM MET)


I've recently replaced Outlook Express with Thunderbird on all my company's desktops.

One issue that keeps on cropping up is the SpellChecker. It is fine picking out mis-spelt words but awful at suggesting replacements. I hasten to add that this (for me) is the only thing that OE does much better than TB.

I wonder if there are any plans to improve it.

Cheers, Paul.


As a computer tech, Thunderbird NEEDS an export feature!!!!! Try to save messages from a customers computer before I wipe and reinstall on it is impossible without an export feature!!


It would be nice to see customizable start page in Thunderbird where you could easily see how many new emails you have in your all Inbox'es, maybe there are new messages from particular persons, unsent messages, etc.

Default Encryption For Thunderbird

I feel very strongly that routine encryption of email is long overdue. The first time I used email in the late 80's, I was uncomfortable with the total lack of privacy. I can't believe this hasn't been solved, yet!

I propose that future releases of Thunderbird incorporate default encryption and signing of all email throught a peer-to-peer, double-key encryption system, similar to PGP.

I'm proposing a very simple system, essentially:

  1. ) Thunderbird will include a double-key encryption system
  2. ) Thunderbird-originated emails will include a line "public key available"
  3. ) Thunderbird clients will automatically exchange keys when they spot #2
  4. ) Future messages between the two will automatically be encrypted

Encryption must be default rather than an optional plug-in or extra effort if we are finally going to solve the vulnerability of totally open email.

For this to work, the system has to be simple and what I'm suggesting is VERY simple: After the first email, the Thunderbird clients exchange public keys. All email after that is encrypted with no effort by the user.

Can anyone else jump on this bandwagon with me? I honestly believe that adding this one feature could have a profoundly positive impact on everything from commerce to human rights.--Calan 20:49, 5 Jan 2006 (PST)

I agree with you, this feature could be very nice as it would be transparent for inexperienced users and would put an end to privacy lacks of e-mail. Very good idea. -- Saimonn 05:06, 10 Feb 2006 (PST)

How difficult would this be? E.g. if some of us started contributing to a fund, how many dollars/hours of work would be required to add this upgrade? Ideally, it should be set up in such a way that any other client could add the same feature and the "public key available" and "automatically exchange keys" features would work across platforms. I think that this feature in Thunderbird would motivate competing platforms to add it. Once encryption reaches a critical mass, then spam should become much less of a problem (search for spam, cure, and encyrption on google for various discussions). I would contribute time or money -- the latter is probably more efficient in my case -- to this effort and I don't generally donate money to anything. --Ransage 16:32, 7 October 2007 (PDT)

I think this is truly long over due and needs to be implemented for several reasons. It just makes sense that you can view you bank data over an (SSL) secured connection and rest assured all data is encrypted, from start to finish. However, Email is nowhere near this private, powerful, or reliable. I think it should be. People get all sorts of frauds and scams sent via email, and one thing remains the same: Its from an unverifiable source. (its got to work pretty well, its got its own term) People deserve better. A mechanism such as this that can prove an identity, and keep confidential information confidential tells its users that Email being sent [through thunderbird] is a better way to send email! There is no reason all Email be no different than a letter or phone call... people should be able to open an email and say "This really is my bank"... it should not be "I'm pretty sure this my bank"

If Thunderbird enacts a standard such as this, and its easy on its users, there is no doubt thunderbird is superior to any email client. -TheParadox

RSS XML complete restore

Is it possible to completely restore the read/deleted threads from the original RSS/XML file? It would be great for testing for RSS developpers. I even tried to remove the subscription and renew it without success.