Tamarin Documentation Plan

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Documentation priority:

General documentation strategy: incremental and reactive documentation. As new features added, please document. As people find undocumented issues, please ask questions for docs.

Sheppy and/or bsmedberg to collect questions and forward to the Tamarin team.

Additional issues can be brought to the mozilla.dev.tech.js-engine newsgroup.

AVM Specification

ActionScript Virtual Machine 2 (AVM2) Overview (108 pages, PDF)

Documents opcodes within the VM To be released soon under CC license

Build Documentation

Mainly provided by bsmedberg


Have an existing PPT overview

sheppy: we can turn that into an overview

ActionScript Reference

posted on the Adobe sites, to be linked from MDC


Porting guide - will wait for Linux code to land in a couple weeks

Usage guide - not for tamarin-internal hackers, but for clients: "how do I...?" "Can Tamarin do...?"