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The L10n dashboard for Firefox 3.next lists over 70 locales. While Taskfox won't include natural language processing, it does present a potentially unique situation for localizers. As such, we want to make it as easy as possible for localizers to work with.

To achieve this, we need feedback from localizers.

Relevant blog posts

See the L10n section on the Articles page.

Areas of concern

Specific areas of concern include:

  • Verb-last languages
  • Gendered languages
  • Issues with declensions

Sentence examples

What would the following examples look like in each locale?

 search mozilla with Google

(Verb; noun; preposition; noun)

 translate www.mozilla.org to French

(Verb; noun; preposition; noun)

 translate www.mozilla.org from English to French

(Verb; noun; preposition; noun; preposition; noun)

 map Mountain View, CA

(Verb; noun)

 Mountain View, CA


Semantic roles

Mitcho has a great blog post on semantic roles. Comments on this would be of great use.

Local-specific web services

Also related to localization, is the inclusion of specific web services, and local versions of international services. Different locales use different search engines - other types of services are no different. For instance, social networking sites vary by locale, and some shopping sites ship internationally while others are country-specific.