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Included nouns

Noun Type Associated Verbs Notes
search-provider Provider search Will use the installed search engines, plus support for some additional shipped search providers for really rich results. If there is an installed search engine for one of the additional providers, then only the additional provider will used (as it will have richer results).
shopping-provider Provider shop Will match against the list of shipped online shopping providers. Location awareness is especially important for this noun.
tab Built-in data tab Will match against the titles and URLs of opened tabs. This may or may not include tabs from other windows.
tag Built-in data bookmark Will match against already used Places tags first, with as-typed matching last.
socialnetwork-provider Provider share Will match against the list of shipped social network providers.
email-provider Provider email Will match against the list of shipped email providers, plus a mailto: wrapper.
ticket-provider Provider tickets Will match against the list of shipped ticket providers, for show/movie/gig/concert tickets.
movie-provider Provider movie Will match against the list of shipped movie information providers.
music-provider Provider music Will match against the list of shipped music information providers.
translation-language List translate Will match against a list of source and target languages that can be translated to/from. The default should be automatically detected.
date Special weather Semi-freeform input, that matches against a date. Able to take strict input such as "15/4/09" and fuzzy input such as "today". May require a supporting API to define acceptable date ranges. May also benefit for a custom UI (ie, date picker).
email-address Special email Matches against email addresses. May be unrealistic to match against only known addresses, and contact names. Should at least remember previously entered addresses.

Not to be included

Only noun types that are explicitly used by shipped verbs will be included.