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Use this to link to a page in the Mozilla Developer Network.


{{MDN | path/to/page | optional link title }}

The first parameter is the path of the page's URL in the MDN, after the developer.mozilla.org/en/ part.

The optional second parameter is the text for the link.


 {{MDN|Migrating_from_Internal_Linkage_to_Frozen_Linkage|frozen linkage}}


frozen linkage


The template assumes the link is to the "en"(glish) namespace. You can prefix the path with ../language_code to refer to some other page, e.g.

 {{MDN |../fr/Firefox_3.6_pour_les_développeurs}}

produces ../fr/Firefox_3.6_pour_les_développeurs

Blanks in MDN page paths do not work, you must use underscores.

The interwiki map for wiki.mozilla.org includes an mdc (the old "Mozilla Developer Center" name) prefix, so [[MDC:Migrating from Internal to Frozen Linkage]] also works, producing MDC:Migrating from Internal to Frozen Linkage.