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{{mozillian}} creates a link to a user page at the website Mozillians using the user's user-name, with an option to show the user's full name in the link text.


There are 2 parameters, of which 1 is required and 1 is optional. Both parameters are unnamed.


The template's syntax is

  • {{mozillian|user-name|full name}}

Required parameter



To use this template, you need to enter the user's user-name as the first parameter. Without it, the link will become broken or invalid.

  • {{mozillian|1}}

Optional parameter


Full name in the link text

It is possible to include the user's full name (or other designations) in the template, to make that the displayed text for the link. The entered string is followed by the user-name, enclosed in parentheses.

  • {{mozillian|1|2}}

Available values

All values are, in essence, custom text. However, for parameter 1, the input must be a valid user-name in the Mozillians database.


Correct use

Case What you type What you see Notes
No parameters {{mozillian}} Mozillians.org Template produces a link to the mozillans.org front page.
User-name mitchell}} mitchell User-name used as link text.
Full name mitchell|Mitchell Baker}} Mitchell Baker (mitchell) Full name and user-name in link text.

Incorrect use

Case What you type What you see Notes
No user-name Mitchell Baker}} Baker Mitchell Baker Jumbled link name, link may or may not break
Empty 1st parameter {{mozillian Mitchell Baker}} Mozillians.org If the 1st parameter is empty, the template will link to the mozillians.org front page.