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{{varserif}} is a front-end for the HTML element <var>, which is used to denote a variable, and styles the input text in a serif font.


There is only 1 parameter, which is unnamed and required.


The template's syntax is

  • {{varserif|custom text}}

Required parameter


Custom text

The variable you wish to enclose in <var> tags and style.

  • {{varserif|1}}


Correct use

Case What you type What you see Comment
Basic use variable}} variable
In inline text E}} = {{varserif|m c2}}, then what is F? If E = m c2, then what is F?
Wiki-formatting You ''can'' '''use''' {{sup|wiki}} <big>markup</big>}} You can use wiki markup Italic is preset and
can't be inverted.

See also

  • {{var}}: inserts <var> tags, without any additional styling.
  • {{abbr}}: inserts <abbr> tags to include a tooltip explanation of an abbreviation.
  • {{bdi}}: inserts <bdi> tags to allow for inline changes in text direction.
  • {{bdo}}: inserts <bdo> tags, forcing inline changes in text direction.
  • {{code}}: inserts <code> tags.
  • {{mark}}: inserts <mark> tags, highlighting the enclosed text.
  • {{samp}}: inserts <samp> tags.