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TestDay Results

  • Had the Explore Test Scripting with MozMill 1.1 Testday
    • 28 people were in the #testday channel at its peak
    • 8 Testscripts were created over the General and Downloading Litmus subgroups
    • 5 Bugs were created
    • ctalbert was able to create a patch for modal dialog support on MozMill during the testday!
    • 3 new people began using MozMill for the first time (dwichandra, merike, kushalone)
    • There is a Mozilla QA Facebook Group now too !
    • People took the time out of their free days (mikeal and whimboo) to show up for the event and take an active part in the discussions that were going on in there.
    • The MozQA team did a great job keeping the discussion flowing throughout the day as there was a lot of back and forth going around