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Mobile Performance Test Tools

  • Nimbledroid: no longer active, see page for details
  • mach perftest

mach perftest vs. normal startup

This is a list of known differences between a normal VIEW startup of Fenix vs. a VIEW mach perftest run of Fenix. Many of these were found while investigating in https://github.com/mozilla-mobile/perf-frontend-issues/issues/141

Configuration differences

  • set-debug-app (appears to have no perf impact by itself - analysis - but causes other code to run)
  • a new user profile is used
  • Browsertime disables a set of firefox preferences
  • Geckodriver also configures gecko via preferences

Runtime differences

  • In response to set-debug-app, GV reads /data/local/tmp/org.mozilla.geckoview-config.yaml on startup; file is configured for marionette and crashreporter stuff
  • marionette JSMs start up (+155ms on P2 from 9/11/2020)
  • First android.graphics.HardwareRenderer.nSetStopped call is 89ms in perftest, 14ms in adb start (in profiles below)
  • Condprof (currently disabled) runs checkForChanges in add-ons DB – is not in normal use start path & increases start up time (issue to fix)

For later use

Comparative profiles (details here) Adb shell am start VIEW: https://share.firefox.dev/32C3FeX Mach perftest VIEW: https://share.firefox.dev/3c3q1cv