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While graph view offers a broader perspective on the test results with a two-dimensional view, the compare view offers a more analytical perspective on 2 specific commits or over an aggregation of values. The revisions to compare against could be chosen from different repos.

Compare View can be used for various situations, a few examples here:

  • when we perform a bisection and we want to analyze the difference between two try pushes, baseline vs backout to find out which changeset introduced the regression
  • when we create a patch and we want to check if the new changes fixed/improved a regression


Compare view is located in the menu of perfherder app.

Compare View Screenshot


Compare view offers a detailed end-to-end analysis over test results, including subtests, deltas, and magnitude of the difference.
Detailed comparison between two revisions


Below you can watch a video describing the steps to choose revisions to compare, framework, how to retrigger, etc.

Compare View Demo