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Session Title

Test Tool Demos: Tp and Eggplant

Session Leader

Alice Nodelman, Tracy Walker, Tim Riley


Two sessions in one! A presentation about the new Tp Page Load test tool and an update on the Eggplant automated smoketests now running on Win/Mac/Linux.


  • Tp Page Load Performance Test Tool (for Windows)
    • Overview of what problem we were trying to solve and how we solved it
      • how to build a new web page set for testing
      • how to sample the WMI for windows performance metrics associated with processes
      • making use of new graphing tools to better understanding test results
      • working with what we already have to make something that everybody wants
    • Discussion
      • how can we better share scripts and tools to stop concurrent and repeated development?
      • what performance tests do we want? what do we need?
    • Future plans
  • Update on Eggplant automated smoke tests
    • Challenges setting up for linux and adapting to AMO changes
    • Demo
    • Future plans

Interested Attendees

Please add your name here if you're likely to attend this session, this will help prioritize sessions and minimize conflicts

  • Rob Campbell
  • Zach Lipton
  • tor
  • Simon Montagu
  • Steven Michaud
  • Roc
  • Juan Becerra