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  1. How should midair collisions be handled?
  2. What events should trigger notification and to whom?
    • Currently has the following:
      • Entire test run completes
      • Test run completes for a tester
      • Test run completes for a component
      • Test case log entry is marked as failed
  3. Should a run be allowed to include test cases that are not associated with the plan the run is for? If so, should they be automatically linked to that plan?


  1. What kind of standard reports should be included?
    • I tend to have quite a few TestRun under a signle TestPlan. It will be nice to have a feature that calculates the percentage of a TestRun (PASS/Total TC * 100%) appended at the end of each TestRun. [llim]
    • There should be a way to print/export a test plan document (or subset thereof) in a format that would include the "front matter", all the tests (that fall into the subset), etc. This would be good for projects that require a paper trail, want to hand their acceptance test plan to the customer/user, etc.

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