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Q: When I go to a Testopia page I get server 500 error or a message saying: "Bareword "ERROR_MODE_AJAX" not allowed while "strict subs" in use at..."

A: Please make sure the patch was applied successfully.

Q: Testopia requires JSON 2.10 but ActiveState only supplies 2.07. Can I still install Testopia on Windows?

A: Edit the extensions/testopia/code/install-requirements.pl file and change the required version from 2.10 to 2.07. Save and rerun checksetup.pl.

Q: The Testopia links are missing when I run Germzilla (or another language template)

A: The patch needs to add some hooks to the templates. The patch is set to only update the default english language templates. You will need to manually patch the templates in your language.

Q: The environment and user dropdowns don't work or the dojo widgets are broken.

A: Make sure that your web server can access the dojo files. The permissions need to be at lest 644 on everything in the testopia/dojo directory.

Q: Error: Software error: undef to trick_taint at Bugzilla/Util.pm line 66 Bugzilla::Util::trick_taint('undef') called at tr_new_plan.cgi line 63 for Testopia version 1.2, bugzilla version 2.22.

A: First, make sure that dojo is installed and works (see above). This is caused when there is no version selected on the tr_new_plan page. The version dropdown list is populated by a dojo ajax call.

Q: Can I cache the javascript even if I am using SSL?

A: Yes, in Firefox set browser.cache.disk_cache_ssl to True in about:config. In Internet Explorer, set Do Not Save Encrypted Pages to Disk to off in Internet Options > Advanced Tab

Q: I get an error after upgrading Testopia: undef error - xss: filter not found

A: You need to reapply the patch. Do the following:

  1. Run patch -R -p2 -i testopia/patch-<version> where <version> is you bugzilla version from your bugzilla directory
  2. Answer no to the questions do you want to reverse and apply patch anyway
  3. Run patch -p2 -i testopia/patch-<version>

Q: When trying to access the tr_xmlrpc.cgi, I get an error "can't locate Bugzilla/WebService.pm in @INC"

A: Testopia decided to jump the gun a little and provide a webservice even before Bugzilla's became generally available. Since Testopia's webservice relies on Bugzilla's webservice you will have to install the Bugzilla web service files yourself. They can be found at http://lxr.mozilla.org/bugzilla/source/Bugzilla/

You will need the WebService.pm file installed in your Bugzilla directory. You may also need the files cantained in Bugzilla/WebService specifically User.pm and Product.pm.

Q: How do I make Firefox stop giving me a warning labeled "Warning: Unresponsive Script" when I am using Testopia?

A: To make this stop type "about:config" with out the quotes in your address line of Firefox. Then double left click on "dom.max_script_run_time" and change it to 30 and click ok.

Q: After update or fresh install of 1.1 Beta on Bugzilla 2.22 on Fedora 4 core or any Selinux enable distrubution, I get "Internal server error" and log file shows "Can't locate Bugzilla/DB/Schema.pm in @INC"?

A: Make sure that you have the correct group and permissions set on your bugzilla directory and sub directories. Then in a terminal window go to the top folder of your Bugzilla install and type "restorecon -Rv *" , without the qoutes.

Q: Why don't you support Bugzilla version 2.xx?

A: Testopia is still under very rapid development. It is currently being developed against a modified version of Bugzilla 2.22. This means each and every change already has to be "ported" to the vanilla version of 2.22 before it can be made generally available. Since my time is rather limited, I have chosen to place more emphasis on new features and making them stable against a stable branch first. Once things have cooled down I hope to be able to port them to other versions of Bugzilla. If you have taken the time already to make Testopia work with your installation, I would be happy to include it in future releases.

Q: Testopia would be so much better if it did XYZ

A: I agree. It would even be better with PDQ or ABC too. Chances are there is a bug on it. If not, log one here

Q: I cannot find the Pass or Fail buttons as described in the Passing and Failing Test Cases section in the Testopia manual. Where do I look for them, or am I missing something in my version of Testopia?

A: I found it. I needed to create a Test Run, then enter the test run number in the Test Case Attributes 'Add to Runs' field. This joins the Test Case with a Test Run and a Test Case Run is created. The Status buttons are in the Test Case Run.

Q: I cannot create a new test run because there are no existing test cases shown, although i created them and don't filter. If i add test cases to a non-existing test run i get the message "an error has occured" Test run 123 does not exist.

A: Only test cases with status CONFIRMED are shown when creating a new test run, default status for test cases is PROPOSED. A test run has to be created before adding cases through the context menu "Add Selected Test Cases To Run".

Q: Bugzilla provides attaching Links to a file instead of the file itself. For a test case in Testopia only the document itself can be attached. Is there also a possibility to attach only a link to a MS-Word document for example?

Q: For a Testplan it is possible to select different “Types” from a drop down list: System, Acceptance, Function… How can I add some more selections?

Q: For a Testcase it is possible to select “Category” from a drop down list but only “—default—“ is selectable. How can I add more selections.

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