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Please do not edit these pages unless you are a member of Team Thunderbird. Your feedback and comments are welcomed on the discussion page.

Thunderbird 2 Project Planning

This is a starting point will planning and design information for the Thunderbird 2 release, including schedules, feature sets, and branch process information.

Nothing here is finalized, let alone set in stone. Individuals working on the project or interested in the process are encouraged to participate in the



The Thunderbird Roadmap contains the latest scheduling information for Thunderbird 2 and will always be kept up to date with the latest information.


Thunderbird 2 will continue to build on the success of Thunderbird 1.5 by focusing on helping users manage their e-mail and protect their privacy. Some of the top level themes for this release include:

Please talk to the module owners if you are interested in getting involved. In particular, we are looking for developers with strong math backgrounds to help improve the bayesian spam filter. The more folks interested in helping out, the more we'll be able to get done!


Here's a more detailed break down of some of the feature work schedule for Thunderbird 2.

Feature Tracking Bug(s)
New Mail Alerts

Provide more contextual information about new mail in the animated alert.

  • Show the first line of the message body.
  • Show Sender, Subject and Folder Information
Bug 312940
Folder Summary Tooltips

Allow users to quickly see the contents of new messages in unopened folders without forcing them to actually open the folder, and thus losing their current e-mail context.

Bug 314124
Folder Views

Support a global list of Favorite folders that can include folders from any account. Support other folder views such as Folders with Unread Messages.

Bug 251296
Spell Checking Improvements

Replace myspell with hunspell which is now used by hunspell has many improvements over myspell including better support for non English dictionaries.

Bug 319778
Improved Phishing Detection

Build upon the phishing detector in 1.5, by possibly adding support for a URL block list. Or making generic APIs for webservice extensions to support online phishing detector.

Bug 328749
Improve SPAM Detection

Build upon the existing bayesian spam filter focusing on two key areas:

  • Update the spam bayes based algorithm used for junk mail.
  • Investigate token pruning to limit the size of the training set.
Bug 243430

Bug 228675

Tabbed Messages

The ability to have message tabs including the ability to reply, forward and perform all of the usual activities on tabbed messages. Integrated tabbed design with favorite folders across the top of the thread pane per Ben's design ideas.

Bug 297379

Bug 218999

Message Tags

Rebrand message labels as tags. Expand the functionality to include arbitrary number of tags and multiple tags per message. Investigate supporting auto generation of saved search folders for tags.

Custom Mail Headers

Add the ability to customize the headers we show in the message pane instead of forcing you to use view all headers mode.

Bug 326749
Mac OS X Address Book Integration

Add the ability to read the Mac OS X address book.

Bug 203927
Find As You Type

Add the find as you type bar (as seen in Firefox) to Thunderbird.

Bug 328795

Rebrand message threads as conversations. Also, make it easier to group your message replies into folders other than the Sent folder.

Bug 301084
NSIS Installer

Re-write the installer to use the new NSIS installer also being developed for Firefox2.

Bug 339135


Bugs with a target milestone of Thunderbird 2, are bugs we hope to address for the release. For significant blocker issues, we also use the blocking-thunderbird2 flag in bugzilla.

Driving 2.0 contains an interesting set of bug queries representing the remaining work for Thunderbird 2.