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Test Plan for Thunderbird to Major Update

The last major update for Thunderbird 1.5 is now going to occur. Testing will be entirely focused on minor update testing for older versions of TB 1.5 to update them to and then the major update to English and locales be tested in each instance, as will a clean instance of that has not been updated.


  • Updates available: June 6
  • QA/Testing starts: June 6
  • Release to beta channel: June 6
  • Final release: June 9

QA Details

  • Betatest Channel Testing: 6/6
  • Beta Channel Testing: 6/6

Release to Beta channel on Friday, 6/6 at 4:00 PM.

  • Releasetest & Release Update Testing: 6/9
  • Release to World: 6/9 - 3:00 PM



  • Minor to Minor TB 1.5 updates followed by MU from to
  • Direct update to

Testing Details


Extended Testing

We have to perform tests with user profiles containing mail in different accounts, rss feeds, newsgroups, saved passwords, preferences, extensions and themes compatible with 200x, and extensions and themes not compatible with 200x. Think of a typical user profile. After the major update the user profile should be kept, and during the update, the extensions and themes should be checked for compatibility.