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Do not edit this list unless you are on the Thunderbird team. Keep comments to the discussion pages, please.

Thunderbird 2 Feature List Brainstorming

We are currently in pre-planning for Thunderbird 2, and would like to collect all the ideas for front-end, user-facing feature enhancements in a single place. Our goal is to create a single index that lists what sorts of things we're thinking of doing, with links to more detailed ideas about implementation specifics or concerns.

Thunderbird 2 will be happening on the 1.8 branch which is the same branch used for the 1.5 release.

note: mozilla platform feature enhancements are not in scope for this page; please refer to the Draft Gecko 1.9 Roadmap

We've built up a lot of really cool features and technologies in Thunderbird over the last couple of years. We'd like to make Thunderbird 2.0 focus on coming up with creative and innovative ways of exposing a lot of the information and features we've already built.

2.0 Feature Ideas

Feature Target References
New Mail Alerts

Provide more contextual information about new mail in the animated alert.

  • Show the first line of the message body.
  • Show Sender, Subject and Folder Information
2.0 Bug 312940
Folder Summary Tooltips

Allow users to quickly see the contents of new messages in unopened folders without forcing them to actually open the folder, and thus losing their current e-mail context.

2.0 Bug 314124
Favorite Folders

Support a global list of Favorite folders that can include folders from any account. Support other folder views such as Folders with Unread Messages.

2.0 Bug 251296
Tabbed Messages

The ability to have message tabs including the ability to reply, forward and perform all of the usual activities on tabbed messages. Integrated tabbed design with favorite folders across the top of the thread pane per Ben's design ideas.

Message Tags

Rebrand message labels as tags. Expand the functionality to include arbitrary number of tags and multiple tags per message. Investigate supporting auto generation of saved search folders for tags.


Rebrand message threads as conversations. Also, make it easier to group your message replies into folders other than the Sent folder.

2.0 Bug 301084
Cache Search Results for Saved Search Folders 2.0 / 3.0
UI Face Lift for the 3-pane Window

Come up with some fresh user interface changes for the 3-pane. Not sure what we mean here yet. Looking for ideas and mockups.