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Welcome to the Thunderbird Bug Day wiki!

Join us to improve the bug reports in Thunderbird's bug database.


You. Everyone can participate. And is a valuable contributor. No coding and no experience required. The information below will help you get started. Plus, we have experienced people are available to assist you.


Before developers can resolve a bug report it often needs improvement because:

  • it does not have steps to reproduce or the description is incomplete
  • the reporter does not fully understand the problem
  • the issue may no longer exist
  • it may not be a Thunderbird bugs, so we ask users to answer questions or perform tests to narrow the cause

Rub elbows with other contributors. Take a break from your boring everyday routine while helping to drive down the red (UNCONFIRMED) line in this chart. another chart view


Upcoming bugday is Wednesday June 8 per the schedule at planning post.

If you cannot help on the scheduled date, we invite you to work on any bug, on any day at any time. See Where about getting help.


Help is available in matrix channel #tb-support-crew.

Just ask your question. And if you need to get someone's attention check the room description to see who is currently helping.


  1. Get a bugzila account - easily created at bugzilla account. Please include your IRC nickname in your user/real name, prefaced by a colon, as in "Joe Superman :nickname".
  2. Protect - Backup your data. Use a test profile especially if bugs might cause dataloss (see next two points).
  3. Make a test environment (optional) - You can create and use a profile just for testing.
  4. Get a build
    • Beta description and downloads. Installing and starting beta will create its own Thunderbird data profile.
    • Regression testing is best done with "Daily" builds because it has the newest code. Daily is also referred to as "Nightly" or "Trunk", which is where Thunderbird is developed. You can also download a localized build of Daily (or any other version) so you can test if everything works and displays as designed in your language. Trunk/Daily also has the greatest risk of problems, so if you don't want to use Daily then please use Beta. (Worst case, use the last released version.)
  5. 'Pick bugs' - current bugday "Focus" suggests which bugs to work on.
  6. Work the bugs - which means test the problem, in the bug report make comments and suggest or make changes to the bug fields, and help the user. For UNCONFIRMED bugs, mark as "confirmed" if you are able to reproduce and the steps to reproduce are well documented and easily followed, and the problem exists in trunk build. If you are not running trunk but can replicate with current release, please comment with your findings, but do not set to confirmed.
    • Clarify the bug report without distorting or changing the original problem. For example if you found a related or new issue not described in the bug being tested, then you should make a new bug for that issue.
    • Change the bug's one line summary at the top of the bug page to be more accurate and complete, but also remove words to make summary less chatty - a summary should not read like a book, nor a syntactically correct sentence - shortness is good.
    • For a bug that tests as no longer existing, close bug report as resolution WORKSFORME, INVALID, or INCOMPLETE as is appropriate.
    • Ask bug reporter or someone else to gain information that will help you reproduce the issue. Set the "Need more information from" field.
    • Set a more appropriate Thunderbird component or MailNews component for the problem being described.
    • Cite what version(s) of Thunderbird you have used in your testing.
  7. Give feedback about your bugday experience (see feedback heading below)

If you are new to bugzilla - some quick tips:

  • Searching in bugzilla can be tricky. Quicksearch tricks and Advanced Search may help you produce more accurate and smaller search results.
  • If you cannot change a bug field, please add a bug comment detailing what should be changed and why, and then inform someone in the IRC channel.
  • See Bug triage about how to get upgraded privileges so you can change bug fields.

More helpful information at:

Give us feedback

Please tell us about your triage experience in matrix channel #tb-support-crew. We really appreciate your help today and your feedback is very valuable.


Thanks so much for your help. Your efforts help us to improve Thunderbird. We could never do this without you.